Zohaib Hassan Releases 19-Sec Teaser of ‘Silsilay’


Tease of ‘Silsilay’ by Zohaib Hassan Has Been Released And It’s Mind Blowing

The classic heartthrob Pakistani singer Zohaib Hassan is now back in the game. Zohaib Hassan has been working on his new music video album ‘Silsilay’ from a long time. He has now released a 19-second teaser of the song Silsilay to let audience taste a little bit of his contemporary work.

The 19-second trailer starts with the ever-dashing Zohaib Hassan making his way towards a classic, glamorous Mercedes car. As soon as he gets the driving seat of the car, an alluring and attractive face of a woman appears. This is exactly where the trailer ends leaving us to the suspense and quest of the upcoming story.

A Glimpse Into The Lost History of Zohaib Hassan

Having the credit of being the first pop icon of South Asian sub-continent, Zohaib Hassan started his renowned journey with his sister Nazia from Disco Deewana. His latest album Signature was actually released back in 2015 with the collaboration of EMI Pakistan and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in India. In an interview with Express Tribune, Zoheb told,

“Signature actually contains the last track that Nazia Hassan sang. Unfortunately, she fell ill and plans for an album were put on hold.”

He also told that Nazia had sung various versions of “Koi Nahi”, “Disco Deewane” and “Boom Boom”. All three of these have been put into one song in Signature.

“The album revolves around my experiences and all that I and my family have experienced over the last 10 years or so,” he further added.

Zohaib Hassan plans for a documentary and released the album’s first music video. About the song ‘Always On My Mind’ the title is in English, but the lyrics of it are in Urdu. The fandom of Zohaib Hassan has to wait until 21st July to get an idea of what he has been doing around recently.




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