Zidane Hamid – The Pakistani Miracle Boy Is The Youngest Speaker In The World

zidane hamid

Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, the 6 years old young champ is doing wonders in the fields of art, science, literature, technology, geography, sports and what not!

zidane hamid

Zidane Hamid is a Pakistani genius born on January 3, 2010. He is a child prodigy and at the mere age of 3 and a half, he started delivering lectures at schools, colleges, universities and events related to different subjects.

This super genius, multi-talented, young hero is the pride of our nation. He has earned a number of titles which include: Source of Inspiration, The Little Professor, Miracle Baby, The Chemistry Cockroach, The Youngest Speaker and Future Scientist.

Zidane is doing home education. In an interview he said that to him his home is a laboratory, a library, a school, a university, and a play land. He believes that he owes his success to his family as they have been the greatest support in his activities.

zidane hamid worlds youngest professor

In the picture: Zidane Hamid with his father

He says that it is his curiosity that leads him to think out of the box. He is genuinely focused on his academics and is interested in executing every part of knowledge he gets through studies.

This talent house is world’s youngest MS Office Specialist. At the age of 5, he passed the Microsoft certification in MS Office 2010. But this is not the limit. He has remarkable knowledge of various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Geology, Astronomy, IT, health science, and History.

Zidane Hamid Delivers A Lecture On Cell Theory

Zidane also has sound knowledge about the religion and is passionate for learning Quran. Apart from academics, he loves playing Video Games, Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Boxing. He likes reading poetry. He is also enthusiastic about travelling and photography.

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Zidane Hamid is a passionate learner and is always eager to discover and un-wrap the logic behind everything he gets to know. He is a multilingual and can speak in English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindko, Persian, Spanish and Japanese.

The young hero wants to be a peace maker. He believes the sole purpose of creation is to bring a positive change around and this is what he aims to be.

In an interview he said that if ever given an opportunity, he would devise a system that feeds every mind and every stomach. He thinks this way the world can be a better place to live.

One thing he demands from the upcoming young geniuses is to be sincere with their studies, indulge in healthy activities, regard their elders and know the worth of their time.

Zidane Hamid Delivers A Lecture On The Cell Theory

Zidane assures that he has tons in store to make the nation proud. He feels that there’s a lot to explore and every year he will be bringing great news for himself and the country.

We are sure that this little champ will be having a great fan following. You surely want to admire him in person or send a good luck note. Or you may have a query to ask. He is all open to interact with the people in the public gatherings he attend. You can also contact him on social media or his personal website via the links given below.








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1 Comment

  1. Gulfam shah

    June 30, 2016 at 5:49 am

    you did a great job regarding the kid.
    Correction- The pic you mentioned is not a father and scon , it is a visit of this kid to legendary (late) Syed Bashir Hussain jafery.


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