Youngsters Spend More Time Surfing The Internet Than Watching TV


A recent survey has revealed that young people in the UK are spending more time surfing the internet than ever, which means they are now spending less time watching TV now. It also means that youngsters are actually converting their TV time to the internet time. As a result, for the first time in history, TV time has fallen below the internet time. I’m sure it’s the same for the Pakistani youth.

The survey was conducted by a UK-based company named Childwise. The company confirmed that it was a landmark shift in trends among the youth. The company believes that this might not be entirely due to the choice of content available on the internet but availability of tablet computers for children could also be a major factor.

Young people spend more than 3 hours online on average each day as compared to 2 hours they spend watching TV each day. Surprisingly, a lot of these young people watch TV on their mobiles and tablet computers. The survey also claims that the TV time is even lower among older people. In fact majority of older people have no favorite program, a clear indication of spending less time watching TV.

The survey also found out that boys prefer watching sport programs while girls are more keen to watch reality shows.

This is what people are watching on TV in Pakistan




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