Yasir Hussain’s New Web Series Will Change Your Friendship Goals


The actor of Karachi Se Lahore Yasir Hussain believes that the web series is the new future of entertainment which is why he has decided to take part in the digital entertainment.

Yasir Hussain

The series revolves around three friends. They embark on an adventurous yet an experiencing road trip in search of the “black scorpion”. However, the black scorpion does not refer literally to the venomous insect. Rather it refers to envious behavior, negativity, and profanity among friendships. Bilawal Abbasi is the director and producer of these innovative series. Yasir Hussain quoted:

“Bilawal is a very good and old friend of mine. Every time he has done a project, I have been a small part of it. This time he is making a web series – I have done theatre, film and TV – and this is completely new for me so I wanted to do it.”

There’s no information regarding the release date for the web series. However, Yasir Hussain mentioned that they’ve only one day of shooting left to go until the series complete. Then the focus will switch to promotion and post-production activities. The star cast of these web series, other than Yasir Hussain, includes Amna Ilyas, Ishtiaq Rasul, and Abdullah Farhatullah.

Yasir Hussain’s Acting Career

Mr. Yasir is an actor and a writer hailing from Islamabad. “Karachi Se Lahore” ‘marked his debut in Lollywood where he played a rather interesting role. His other films include “Ho Man Jahaan”, “Lahore Se Agey”, “Band Toh Ab Bajey Ga”. His upcoming films and works include “Senti Aur Mental” and “Arth 2”. He has also starred in many television dramas including; “Dareecha”, “Kiya Life Hai” and much more. The director of “Karachi Se Lahore” Wajahat Rauf is the co-producer of the series.

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What do you guys think of these new web series of Yasir Hussain? Do you think this is a good idea?




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