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Are you in a mood to submit a guest post to Vidpk.com?

We would surely appreciate your this gesture!  We are looking for writers with relevant content who are willing to build a strong relationship with our website. In addition, we also welcome those writers who want to build a nice portfolio. Before you start sending us your contributions (Work), kindly make sure to go through our guidelines regarding guest post.

Guest Post Guidelines:

1. Originality: Your content must contain an element of uniqueness. If you want to feature the post on your company or personal blog/website after being publishing the same on our website, you should create a backlink to the original post on CupidsPulse.com. You can also promote your post through social media and we will follow the same pattern.

2. Topics: As far as the topic is concerned, it may include anything such as posts regarding Pakistani celebrities, Pakistani food, Pakistani sports, Pakistani Heroes, Pakistani Movies, History of Pakistani area. As far as it relates to love, marriage, relationships, dating, divorce or being single, we are fine with it.

Just go through our Guest Post section for instance. Kindly note: we won’t accept such posts, which are not relevant to our site’s theme in any manner.  Having said that, most of the topics possess a love angle; however, you need to be a creative for this task.

3. Type of Post: We would love to get service-oriented posts. Wondering why it is so, the reason for this preference is the fact that they do actually work. Since, a service related post offers ready to hit tips to the visitors.  For example, “10 Relationship Myths or Four Changes You Must Make to Avoid Falling Prey to the Unavailable Man”. 

Use anecdotes and experiences to give a personalized look to the post. Moreover, make sure to present a practical advice, which a common person can easily follow.

4. Celebrity Integration:  Try to associate a celebrity angle to your post. For instance, while writing a post regarding “Is Your Wardrobe Preventing You from Meeting a Partner?” you may quote an example of a well-dressed celebrity.

5. Format and Style: Formatting a post to render it interesting and easy to read is highly recommended.  By doing so, you may enhance the chance of gathering viewership for the post. Moreover, it is a fine practice to include subheadings, numbering and bolding.

6. Proof Read: Your post must be immune from wordiness, repetitive language, and typos.  We advise you to take the help of a professional editor or writer for reviewing your post prior submitting the same to us. The post should include minimum exclamatory marks and offer a clickable and catchy headline. We would love to help you in this context.

7. Word Count: Your most contain a maximum word count ranging between 400-500 words.

8. No Promotional Copy: Writing a post as a promotional copy may not be acceptable under any circumstances. It must have an editorial feel to it. For advertising purpose, you are free to contact us through our contact form.

9. Linking: Editorial team owns the sole discretion of linking your post to another site or page. Links are usually awarded to guest post writers having a personal website, Facebook and Twitter profiles, or author page.

10. Editing: Our team enjoys the liberty of editing your post with a view to match our site’s style and structure. Nevertheless, we always make sure that your voice is maintained and stay attached to the original content.

11. Promotion: For the sake of promotion, it is necessary that contributors must be willing to share the published post via social media and link the same to the already posted article on their website.

Once you have strictly followed our above-mentioned guidelines, it’s time to send your submission at outreach@vidpk.com.  Please mention “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line. 

If you want to become a part of Vidpk Team, contact asif.mumtaz.khokhar@gmail.com

Enjoy Writing with us!


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