Wiki Loves Earth Shortlists Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan


This year, again Wiki loves Earth competition is organized by Wikimedia Foundation. The best pictures of the most beautiful places in Pakistan which will go for competition at the international level are selected and finalized.

Wikipedia often arranges a photography contest by the name of wiki loves the earth and it is very famous. This competition was won by a Pakistani photographer who captured a captivating Shangrila Lake’s picture which is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and it was declared the best picture. Pakistan is the third most top country in the competition’s submissions and the number of participants. About 1200 photographers from Pakistan sent over 8000 pictures of the beautiful places in Pakistan for the competition

Pakistan: One of The Top Countries in The Competition Now

Pakistan became a part of this competition a few years ago and in a small period of time, has made it to the top countries. This all is because of the mesmerism of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.  Although the winners of this competition are not decided yet, out of 8000 submissions, Wikimedia has finalized 10 best pictures of the beautiful places in Pakistan.

These are as follows:

  • Passu Cones in Hunza Valley (Photo by Shahbaz Aslam)
  • Jarbasu Lake in Skardu (photo by Moiz Ismaili)
  • Arang Kel (photo by Akaasi)
  • Kalam in Swat (photo by Muhammad Akram Attari)
  • A view of Siri from paya in shogran valley (photo by Faisal Rafiq)
  • Hunza Valley (photo by Asad Aman)
  • Burawai near Naran (photo by Ghulam Murataza)
  • Tao Butt in Gurais Valley (photo by Muhammad Akram Attari)
  • Boyun Meadows in Swat (photo by Muhammad Akram Attari)
  • Payee Meadows and Makra Peak (Photo by Syed Bilal Javaid)
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