How to Make a Living When Robots Take Our Jobs?

robots taking over jobs

Technology is making breakthrough revolutions helping robots take our jobs. Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, automation, these ideas have a potential to change the way we see the world today. But revolutions are not always easy.

robots taking over jobs

So what happens when robots take over our jobs?

It’s scary to think of times when robots take our jobs.

The key question is how will we humans earn if every task will be automated? If robots will take over our jobs, how will we make a living?

Do you have a skill you think a robot will not be able to acquire?

Life without money – Is that the future?

That future isn’t tomorrow but it’s today – the future is already here. So how will we have the experiences of our life without any source of income?

Well, here’s the answer.

No money, really?

no money robots take our jobs

According to a study, the coming future will have no such thing as money. Yes, you hear it right. And that is a big revolution. So between now and then, there should be certain changes to make that happen.

Guaranteed basic income for everyone when robots take our jobs

One of such changes might include a guaranteed basic income that would be given to every eligible individual. That basic income includes expenses for food, shelter and clothing. You will start receiving it when robots take our jobs. 

But who will be sponsoring it? The idea is pretty simple. The government will be sponsoring this basic income. It will be the amount equal to the poverty line of that country. The basic amount will be enough to meet your basic needs and for every other thing, you have to earn a living.

free cash when robots take our jobs

This could be a great help for people who are living below the poverty line. Being the basic needs met, they’ll be ready to explore the world, have education and earn a living to have the experiences of their life time.

So will robots discourage people to work and make them lazy?

A study at MIT and Harvard has concluded that if you give money to poor people to meet their basic needs, it’s nowhere close to discouragement for them, from more work.

Imagine if you don’t know where will you be spending the night, how is it possible to seek education? Clearly, a homeless person will first seek a shelter. So that basic income will make them move a step ahead to explore the world.

So if you are thinking that this idea of basic income will lay a foundation of nations with lazy people, then you are WRONG. If robots take our jobs, people will have time to do so much more than earning for their basic needs. 

No free money and robots take our jobs – So what’s this solution?

no money no problem robots take our jobs

It looks like everyone reading this is hating robots now. But wait, hate isn’t good, especially when you’re already worried about your future.

Robots take our jobs and turn the world upside down. But the good thing is that you won’t die of hunger.

To clear the doubts, still there’s an alternative. Instead of giving people money for their basic needs, the government can offer money substitutes like food vouchers. This way, people will feel a sense of dignity and empowerment so they’ll continue trying to seek out jobs and more education.

It will also free them to work on their passion projects in any field they like leading to an era of unparalleled innovation.

The theory sounds cool, but is it possible? Like actually?

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How will the government sponsor this basic income program?

Who will administer it?

How to ensure that the eligible people are actually getting the money they need?

The answer is:

We don’t know because we’ve not tested it out yet.

But in a next year or so, a few countries are launching a pilot program to test the practicality of this idea. The countries include Canada and Finland. Switzerland is having a referendum on the subject.

This pilot study is being planned for the duration of 10 – 15 years. That’s really long time!

Till the results come out, we can’t say anything about the subject. But even if these pilot studies are a success, it’s not necessary that the plan will be a success for every country.

The Final word…

Whether we like it or not, the truth is, automation is going to take over our world some day. You won’t possibly have a job in 10 years’ time when robots take our jobs.

What do you think about this idea? Share your views on the subject in the comments section below.





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