What We’ve Learned From Pakistani Dramas in the Last Decade


If you have been watching Pakistani dramas in the last decade or so, I’m sure you’ve already reached certain conclusions. Here is what I concluded from last 10 years of Pakistani TV.

  • You can fall in love with anyone, ignoring your moral standards. You can even fall for your aunt or for your sister in law. It’s alright as long as you like her. You have the right to ‘express’ your love, no matter what.
  • You are a good person if you are a miserable poor guy or a rich villain.
  • Pakistani girls are never normal people. They are either the greatest people on planet or the worst people. There is no in-between.
  • If you’ve a lot of money, you can marry anyone you want.

Now let’s take a look at what made my conclude this.

Mery Qatil Mery Dildar

watch drama mery qatil mery dildar

What it tells me? Fall in love with anyone you want. There are no moral limitations and you have the divine right to express your love. You can fall in love with your aunt, with your sister-in-law or with someone who 20 years younger than you. The only moral and ethical check is whether “you’re in love” or not.

What’s wrong with it? For the sake of balance, moral and ethical values have to be respected. Even if someone doesn’t believe in social and moral limits, it still needs to be kept in mind when expressing views.

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Bashar Momin (GEO) and Dil Lagi (ARY)

watch drama dil lagi

What it tells me? You can be a public hero even if you’re doing the most devilish acts one can think of. You just have to be sharp and good looking and have a huge bank balance. Everything else will settle in.

What’s wrong with it? Unless you’re living under a brick, you know having ‘evil’ heroes can dismantle society and make everyone’s life a living hell.

Piyaray Afzal

watch drama piyaray afzal

What it tells me? No matter what you do, don’t marry your true love. If you do so, you will be doomed for the rest of your life. There is no happiness with your true love, even when you can make good enough money to eat and you have a house to live.

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What’s wrong with it? Everything is wrong with it. You can live happily even when you are poor and you  have fallen in love with someone wealthier than you. Happiness is how you see your life and not how it treats you.

Dil e Muztar

watch drama dil e muztar

What it tells me? There is no middle ground for girls. They are either evil or the most amazing person you’d ever meet. Girls can’t be normal regular people like everyone else out there.

What’s wrong with it? You can’t generalize girls or people for that sake. There are all sorts of people out there. They can be good or bad. They can be forgiving about something but rigid about another.






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