Drama ‘Baaghi’ Speaks Volumes On Our Society’s Hypocrisy – Review + Watch

Drama 'Baaghi' Speaks Volumes On Our Society's Hypocracy

Once in blue moon, we get to see any unique drama. The dramas that not only entertain but also depict the reality is very rare nowadays.
The new drama Baaghi on URDU 1 is one of such unique dramas. It shows the true and the bitter side of society while dramatizing the real life story of Qandeel Baloch.

Drama 'Baaghi' Speaks Volumes On Our Society's Hypocracy


The drama shows how Qandeel was a simple girl who was exploited everywhere. The drama will also speaks volume about the so-called honor killings and the lives ruined in name of Honor.

Baaghi: A Glimpse Into Brutal Reality 

Baaghi is the latest drama on URDU1. It is a reflection on the lives of many women in the country. The drama also highlights the real side of many honor killings.

Qandeel Baloch

The drama talks about the late social media sensation Qandeel Baloch. Though the main idea of the drama is taken from her life, yet there is some dramatization too.

Qandeel Baloch used to upload controversial videos on social media. After gaining some popularity, she began to receive life threats. Her very own brother killed her in the name of honor.

The drama depicts that how certain situations in one’s life can lead to his or her misuse and disgrace. It is for sure a sad story but full of lessons that are eye opening for all of us as we need to educate the public on this issue.

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The Story of Baaghi: The Life of Qandeel Baloch

The drama Baaghi is a story of a simple village girl Fauzia. She has big thoughts and determinations. Unfortunately, her parents did not fulfill any of her wishes. Later, they make her marriage to a wild man. He treats her badly.


The financial situations of this girl are not that good as well. In chasing her goals and supporting her family, she moves to the city. Here, she faces the bitter side of life.

In the city, she changes her name too. She unintentionally gets into wrong hands. Whenever she chooses a right path something terrible happens. So, she surrenders and stops trying.

She set out to create a name for herself on social media. Misguided by people, she ends up putting controversial videos on social media for attention. However, the outcomes are not pleasant at all. She receives a lot of criticism.

All this ends up with her brutal and unjustified death.

The Team Behind This Exceptional Project

The exceptional Umera Ahmed wrote this amazing screen play. She is a name behind all the golden dramas of our age. Umera has produced dramas like Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, Maat, Man o Salwa, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and many others.

The very talented writer Shazia Khan wrote this drama portraying all her talent. A name behind many famous shows, Farooq Rind, has directed this drama.

Vidya Balan Gushes About Saba Qamar’s Performance in Hindi Medium

Nina Kashif is the producer of Baaghi.  With such an exceptional back ground team, there is no reason as to why you should miss this drama.

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You can catch the drama every Thursday at our website.

The Cast of The Drama

The drama casts the bold and beautiful Saba Qamar as Fauzia (Which is actually Qandeel Baloch). Irfan Khoosat is playing the role of Fauzia’s father.

Sarmad Khoosat is acting as Fauzia’s brother and Saba Faisal is her mother.

Other than these, you can see some other very influential faces in Baaghi. There are actors like Nadia Afghan, Mani, Ali Kazmi, Khalid Malik and some others in the drama.

Last but not the least; the very handsome Osman Khalid Butt is also creating magic with his powerful performance.

Over all, the entire cast of the drama is very dominant and powerful.

Cast Drama Serial Baaghi Urdu 1 TV

Drama CastRole in Drama BaaghiArtist Page
Saba QamarFauzia Batool in Drama BaaghiWatch Saba Qamar Videos/Dramas
Ali KazmiAbid in Drama BaaghiWatch Ali Kazmi Videos/Dramas
Osman Khalid ButtStill Waiting Character in DramaWatch Osman Khalid Butt Videos/Dramas
Sarmad KhoosatRaheem in Drama BaaghiWatch Sarmad Khoosat Videos/Dramas


Saba Qamar: A Perfect Choice to Fit Into Qandeel’s Shoes

The very versatile and bold Saba Qamar is playing the role of Fauzia i.e. Qandeel Baloch. The actress is famous for her daring and easy going nature. She can easily perform anything.

Soon after the release of the first teaser, the Lahore Se Agy girl got a lot of appreciation.  Saba will show that how Qandeel Baloch transformed from a simple village girl to a sultry and ignominious sensation.

Saba recently talked about her role of Qandeel Baloch in an interview. She said that Qandeel Baloch’s story has affected her deeply. Saba told that it is the society that is responsible for Qandeel Baloch’s death. She said that all the stories are not like they actually seem.

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Saba Qamar further added that she has worked very hard for this drama. Miss Saba did not merely depend upon the script. She herself met some people closer to Qandeel and added to the character.

To meet the needs of fitting into the character, Saba cut down her hair too. She did this in order to look exactly like Qandeel Baloch. I think this is enough proof of Saba’s professionalism and her commitment to her work.

Saba Qamar Shares More Information of Qandeel Baloch

The Main Purpose of This Drama

This drama is not only for entertainment purposes. It has some other basic reasons deep down. The drama wants you to get awareness and to educate its viewers.

The major goal of this drama is to highlight the injustice misusing the name of honor. The drama makes you think about the other side of the story. It tells you that your main motive should be to try to get the reality and to avoid passing judgments.

OST of Baaghi Is Sure to Give You All The Feels

The title track of Baaghi is surely one of the best OSTs ever. It will make you feel something deep down your heart. The OST is sure to touch your heart and make the strings of your heart move.

This OST titled as “Peera Way Peera Main Ho Jaon Na Baaghi” is in the melodious voice our very own Shuja Haider. Shuja is a Coke Studio fame and this song is exceptional like all his other songs.

If you have not heard it yet, we suggest you to please do so.

Also, don’t forget to watch this extra ordinary story of an ordinary girl every Thursday at Vidpk




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