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pakistani film shah

The story of struggle, passion, drive, blood and sweat – Pakistani film Shah is Pakistan’s first ever sports biopic. The movie celebrates the efforts of the legendary Pakistani boxer, Syed Hussain Shah.

pakistani film shah

Pakistani film Shah accounts the inspirational journey of an ordinary boy from Lyari streets of Karachi to the national sensation of Pakistan. It is a tale that depicts the struggles of a young boy from being nobody to winning Olympian medal.

Why You Should Watch The Pakistani Film “SHAH”

Pakistani film Shah is not a stereotypical documentary on the achievements of a boxer, but a journey that takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. You won’t believe you’re actually watching a Pakistani film.

Based on the real-life Pakistani hero whose rise soon met the fall due to ignorance of the government, media and people alike, the movie left the audiences in tears.

It’s a must-watch movie even when you have high expectations. It meets a lot of them and it does so proudly. The script is amazing and the acting is professional. There are some glitches here and there but then you’re watching a Pakistani film. You have to think about state of things in the cinema industry.

Journey of SHAH – Real Life and Reel Life

The movie has a simple story as it unfolds life of a Pakistani boxer. I can sum up the story in three points.

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ALERT: Spoilers 

  • The movie opens with an interview of Shah and the story unfolds as he recollects his journey.
  • A homeless boy from Lyari slums gets a home when a kind soul adopts him and takes him to his home. As time passed by, he realizes his true strength and ability in knocking out people. Soon, he joined a local boxing club and the passionate journey of a boxer begins.
  • Being the best boxer, he ruled the Asian boxing ring for almost a decade. Then he entered the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He became the first ever South Asian and the only Pakistani athlete in 50 years who won the Olympian medal.

SHAH Will Answer Many Questions

The movie not only brings an unsung hero to the limelight but it also answers many of your questions. The top of the list being:

  • Why the nation forgot the only legend that brought the honorary individual medal in more than 50 years? 
  • Where are we as a nation and where we need to go?
  • Why are we failing to reproduce any legends?
  • Are the government acknowledgments and honouree mentions merely a stage act?

The first half of the movie is about the sheer actions of a boxer but the other half is a real punch in the face of the establishment, ruling authorities and the ignorant nation.

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SHAH Movie Jolts Your Mind and Soul

This is the kind of the movie that leaves you thinking for hours. It reveals the irony of our society.

  • How easily we forget the ones who are the real sources inspiration and good will for our country.
  • How are we treating our real heroes?
  • How a legend like SHAH disappeared with time!

Adnan Sarwar as an actor, director and script writer has done justice to all three roles in Pakistani film Shah. The entire cast has successfully portrayed the importance of their characters. The background score by Salman Albert and Sarwar kept the audiences and the theme alive.

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SHAH Movie Undermines Our True Selves

Pakistani film Shah conveys an important message that the evil we are facing is not only restricted to our system but it lies within us.


This movie is a sincere effort to recount a story that needs to be told. It’s a must-watch unlike Maalik which is a total waste of time.

Watch Pakistani Film Shah – Story of a Boxer

Enough with the review – it’s a damn good movie to watch, especially when you’re willing to accept that Pakistani cinema is still evolving. Watch Shah Pakistani film below.




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