Watch Mor Mahal Trailer – Pakistan’s First Fantasy TV Drama in 25 Years

mor mahal trailer

Mor Mahal is a new Pakistani drama that will be aired on Geo TV during the later half of this year. This drama isn’t only the most anticipated Pakistani drama of the year, it’s also going to change our TV industry. Watch Mor Mahal trailer on Vidpk to see it yourself.

“Mor Mahal is Pakistan’s first fantasy drama in 25 years”

Watch Mor Mahal Trailer

You can watch trailer of Mor Mahal below.

In case the embed video stream doesn’t work for you, please use this direct HD streaming link for Mor Mahal.

What’s lead cast of Mor Mahal?

The lead roles are played by Umair Jaswal and Meesha Shafi, both Pakistani rock stars.

Umair Jaswal will be playing Nawab Asif Jehan while Meesha Shafi will appear on the TV screen as Farrukh Zaad. Other major cast members are Hina Khawaja, Fiza Ali, Zahid Ahmed and Sania Saeed.

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As you’d have noticed in the Mor Mahal trailer above, the cast of Mor Mahal looks pretty impressive. The lead actors already have their fan base and are widely considered as extremely talented all-rounders. Presence of Sania Saeed indicates that there was always experience on the sets to keep everyone calm and focused.

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Should you watch Mor Mahal TV drama?

There are tons of reasons to watch Mor Mahal. For some, Sarmad Sultan being the director is the only reason they need. Sarmad has won a lot of critical praise in the last decade for his work on small as well as big screen. He was directed Hamsafar for TV and Manto film for the big screen.

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Why is Sarmad Sultan Khoosat popular?

mor mahal director sarmad sultan

You wonder why Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is popular? He brings a large than life persona to his projects, which is something other directors fail at mastering. His current project Mor Mahal needed to have a larger than life perspective and personas in order to inspire viewers and that’s the reason Sarmad is kind of perfect for the project.

What’s the  budget of Mor Mahal?

Mor Mahal or Mehal will be aired on Geo TV. It’s the highest budgeted TV series after Bashar Momin. Since the TV drama is staged a few centuries ago, the costume and set design needed massive budget in order to bring realism on screen.

If you have watched Mera Sultan (Turkish play), you will find various similarities in production style.

Mor Mahal Official Facebook Page

Although Sarmad Sultan Khoosat has talked about Mor Mahal being very high budget production, there are no figures to quote. You will have to wait until the stats come out to see exactly how much they spent on this TV drama.

Story of Mor Mahal – Pakistani Fantasy Drama

Mor Mahal has a very interesting story. The story of Mor Mahal takes viewers some 200 years back in the fantasy world of emperors and their feuds. It’s a time when Mighals, Greeks, Turks and Egyptians come together and their civilizations fuse to give birth to a new civilization.

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As you can see from Mor Mahal trailer, it’s based in fictional state of Jahanabad where Nawab Asif Jahan rules. His court is filled with corruption and sorcery.

We will update you with more on Mor Mahal as soon as there is some news out. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page for regular updates.


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