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There is every reason to be excited about the upcoming Pakistani drama Bin Roye. You will be able to watch Bin Roye drama on Vidpk only 30 minutes after it airs on TV.

Bin Roye drama is an adaption from Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel Bin Roye Aansu. The drama will be produced by Hum TV, who also produced a movie based on the novel earlier this year. The film Bin Roye Aansu enjoyed the phenomenal success that they planned to produce a TV serial also.

If you have watched and liked the movie based on the same plot, you’d love the extended and detailed version of it in form of a TV show.

Watch Bin Roye drama trailer on Vidpk

So far, Hum TV has only launched a trailer for the drama. In the trailer, you see Mahira running around and looking ever-so-beautiful. You then see her dancing at a wedding. There is nothing more you could see in the trailer but still, it gives us enough to expect great things from this upcoming Pakistani drama.

Watch trailer below!

Did you like the trailer?

If you do, there will be more for you. This is just a glimpse of things to come. On a personal note, I think this drama is going to become a major hit. Everyone is going to love it because of the acting, direction, production quality, and script. As you know, the film with the same name has already gathered plenty of praise. For this reason, I believe this drama will also gather massive momentum and hit the top TV show’s list.

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Watch Bin Roye drama in HD – Fast Streaming Server

Bin Roye is a story of two sisters. When one sister dies, the other one has to marry her brother-in-law to fill spaces left by her sister. Mahira Khan plays this sister who has to bow down to the will of her parents and marry a guy who was previously married to her elder sister.

Since I don’t want to give you any spoilers, I will stop with the story right here and leave you with the link to watch the drama yourself. Make sure you have a bucket full of popcorn for the first episode because I’m sure it’s going to be very romantic.

Watch the drama below. Vidpk will update all episodes as soon as they air on TV. For TV schedule, please visit our Schedules page.

watch bin roye

watch Bin Roye on Vidpk

Why Watch on Vidpk?

Since Vidpk is a premier video website, there is every reason to watch this drama here. You will have the best quality video and lossless audio. Because of this, the majority of our users rate our videos as 9/10 for audio and video quality. Apart from that, vidpk uploads videos instantly. That means you can watch the drama as soon as it has aired on TV. not impressed yet?

There are plenty of other reasons to watch this play on Vidpk. When you visit this premium video website, you see all the hit TV dramas on the top. Below that, you see dramas that you might like, based on what you have already seen on the website. Moreover, there is a section for Pakistani films at the end. You can also use the search feature to find a drama, show, film, or music of your choice.

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I believe, by reading the above reasons, you would definitely watch the show from our platform as there isn’t any other website of VidPk’s type.

Will Bin Roye drama become a major hit?

Although no one can say anything about how Bin Roye will do on TV, one thing is confirmed that people have shown a lot of interest in this project. There has been a massive exchange of gossiping about it over the social media. This means a lot of people will be watching the drama.

Will YOU be watching Bin Roye on Hum TV? Let us know in the comments.

Here are some factors that ensure that this will be a hit drama.

  • Bin Roye film was a major hit.
  • The novel by Farhat Ishtiaq was also a major hit.
  • Mahira Khan hasn’t had a flop drama yet.
  • Humayun Saeed has already proven that he is a wonderful actor.
  • Armeena Rana Khan is a wonderful new talent.

Because of all these reasons, there is every chance that everyone who enjoys Pakistani TV dramas will be sitting in front of the TV when this drama airs without blinking their eyes for a single moment. I expect it to become a bigger hit than Hamsafar. We can’t tell before time, but I believe this show has the potential.

What if this drama fails to impress audience?

With so many Hum TV dramas looking similar to each other, Bin Roye has a chance to up the game. Although this is another drama from the TV-favorite romantic genre, it can still help TV ratings and more importantly push other TV channels and Pakistani drama producers to bring stories from the bigger screen to TV. Maybe, that will open new horizons for Pakistani TV industry and we could someday witness science fiction, fantasy, and other genres on Pakistani TV. It’s pretty much obvious that there’s a big gap in the industry that needs to be filled with versatility. For now, romance is all you get from our TV channels, including Hum TV.

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If this Bin Roye turns out to be a flop, I think it will mean end of lead roles for Humayun Saeed. Also, it could mean that Mahira has lost her charm on the smaller screen. Moreover, low TV rankings for Bin Roye could also mean that some other channel with a drama on the same hour slot would get a massive hit and upset Hum TV business this season. Though, with the cast, it seems quite difficult to beat it.

Still, there is only mild possibility of this drama failing to bring huge numbers of audiences in front of TV. Everyone is expecting Bin Roye to become the biggest hit of the year.





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