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Watch Adhi Gawahi Drama on VidPK Starring Sohai Ali Abro + Drama Review

adhi gawahi drama review

Adhi Gawahi is the new hit drama that airs on Hum TV, twice a week. I’m a big fan. You can watch Adhi Gawahi in HD on this page.

Don’t forget, we have also added the cast of Adhi Gawahi with their quick biography under the episodes. Take a minute to check out that section as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and play any episode of Aadhi Gawahi that you like. I’ve made a simple table where you will find each episode and it’s link on Vidpk. Simply click the link and watch an episode.

watch adhi gawahi drama

NOTE: Links to stream Adhi Gawahi drama open in new tab so you don’t have to worry about losing this list of episodes Adhi Gawahi.

Watch Adhi Gawahi Drama Hum TV on Vidpk in HD Quality

To watch HUM TV drama, simply click the relevant drama episode below.


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Adhi Gawahi Hum TV Drama Cast

If you are in love with this TV drama, I’m sure you want to read about the cast. That’s the reason I’ve included some interesting facts about Sohai Ali Abro and Azfar Rehman after you explore the full cast of this drama serial.

adhi gawahi cast

Cast Drama Serial Adhi Gawahi Hum TV

The cast of this serial is listed below in the order of their appearance time and importance in the drama script.

Drama Cast Role in Adhi Gawahi Artist Page
Sohai Ali Abro Salwa Mansoor in Adhi Gawahi Watch Sohai Ali Abro Videos/Dramas
Ali Josh Saad in Adhi Gawahi Watch Ali Josh Videos/Dramas
Azfar Rehman Chaudhry Hamdan Mustafa in Adhi Gawahi Watch Azfar Rehman Videos/Dramas
Uzma Khan’s first drama Soha in Adhi Gawahi Watch Uzma Khan Videos/Dramas
Ayesha Sana Nageen in Adhi Gawahi Watch Ayesha Sana Videos/Dramas


The drama is directed by famous Pakistani director Fahim Burney. Saima Akram Chourdy wrote the script. Momina Duraid produced the drama for Hum TV. I think it’s a perfect team for a hit TV serial if you consider the background of each of these personalities. Fahim Burney is known as a hit-maker while we know that Momina Duraid is a top producer.

Saima Akram Chourdy has also proved that she can write emotionally powerful scripts. That’s exactly what she has done in this drama serial.

To watch Adhi Gawahi drama, scroll above and click the relevant episode.

Drama Serial Adhi Gawahi Review

adhi gawahi drama review


Despite it’s awesome start and the hype, this drama has picked up the ratings.

There are several reasons for this misfortune and we will discuss them later on. But for the sake of general information, I would like to share some names of the people behind this project.

You can watch this drama on Hum TV on every Wednesday and Thursday. So far, viewers have seen four episodes of this drama. These episodes give an idea as to how the drama would develop in the coming months.

Basic Plot of The Drama

The drama, Adhi Gawahi, is basically a love triangle. It’s a common concept and we so many Pakistani dramas using this same concept to develop plot.

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But there are some other themes in Adhi Gawahi as well like that of jealousy between and a sense of inferiority complex in one girl because the second one is a little more pretty than her and much more.

The drama casts Sohai Ali Abro and Azfar Rehman as the main lead.

soha ali abro azfar rehman ali josh adhi gawahi cast

The Story of Adhi Gawahi

This is a story both of love and hatred. Ayesha is a woman whose husband has died and after becoming a widow, Ayesha moved into life along with her two married brothers.

Ayesha is also a mother of one college going girl, Salwa who is going to be the main focus of the story of Adhi Gawahi. Although there is no problem with Ayesha and Salwa living this way the younger Bhabhi Khaula is not much happy with Salwa living in their house as she is a potential competition for her daughter Soha.

If you like how the script is building up, watch Adhi Gawahi by scrolling up.

The reason of this jealousy is that the older bhabhi Sana has a son, Saad, who is an eligible bachelor and Khaula is very much interested in making Saad her son in law.

But like every other love triangle, Adhi Gawahi also makes Salwa and Saad very much interested in each other. Soha’s mother is heartbroken. She wants to marry her daughter to Saad. It seems impossible with this new development.

But this was the one triangle and there is another love triangle having much more intricacies and inside story.

The Entry of Spoiled Child: A Rise to The Second Triangle

The main story starts with the entry of a feudal family’s spoiled child named Chaudhry Hamadan Mustafa.

As it looks from the early episodes, Hamadan could be the villain of this love story. But he could also turn out to be a protagonist when the story takes a twist later.


The family has some roots in politics and the mother of this child is also no less a Waderi. She is your typical feudal woman who loves to ask her maids for foot massage. It seems as if she has no problem with the coolness of her eyes, her son, ruining himself.

The boy spends a lot of money and lives a lavish life. He loves horses and that’s where he pours most of his income. The protagonist does not listen to anyone in this regard. He is always busy with his horses until he meets Salwa one day. It changes his life altogether.

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The Beginning of Tension

The actual problems in Adhi Gawahi start when the 4 college mates, Saad, Salwa, Hamadan, and Hamadan’s partner in crime (that is his cousin Faseeh).

adhi gawahi soha ali abro

These 4 students have to work together on a project about a making short film and this film project brings in another drama in the lives of the three people stuck on the three corners of a triangle.

Reasons for Fewer Ratings of Adhi Gawahi

drama adhi gawahi rating

As stated above, Adhi Gawahi has not been able to attract much audience and there are many reasons for this. The drama, Adhi Gawahi, has crossed almost all the borders and will be turning the pious ritual of Nikkah into a practical joke.

“I don’t want to give away any further story here. But what is absurd is absurd, and by no means, the viewers will accept the religious rituals as shown on the TV.”

There have been a lot of examples of the dramas that have excessively made the issues of marriages and divorces controversial. But Adhi Gawahi is going to lead them all by turning Nikkah into a joke. Secondly, talking production wise, the drama Adhi Gawahi has a lot of disproportionate events.

The director and the editor could have worked to arrange the scenes to give the drama some sense of direction. Unfortunately, the director loses his grip on the play on so many occasions that it’s frustrating to watch at times.

The biggest turn down of the drama is that the drama shows the youth in the college. They forget that the cast is way too old to be the college students. Moreover, you don’t have to be a college student to fall in love. It seems as if Pakistani youth doesn’t have a life outside the college.

The problem here is that why youth can only be from college? Why can’t the office workers act as bachelors? This is the question we are leaving for the drama writer for future.

OST of Adhi Gawahi 

This drama has an amazing OST. It has captivated many viewers. Sohai Ali Abro looks absolutely stunning in a black Ali Xeeshan’s Chadar but the OST can’t be the only thing for a drama to be successful.

To conclude, we can say that the drama has not a unique story. Nor does it address to a very special issue like Udaari or Sammi. You can watch this drama in your free time but it’s not worth missing an important task to watch the drama. 

Watch Adhi Gawahi drama OST below.





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