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Watch Actor In Law Full Movie 2016 | Fahad Mustafa | Mehwish Hayat | Om Puri | Pakistani Full HD Movie

Actor In Law is a hit Pakistani film. Fahad Mustafa, Om Pori (late) and Mehwish Hayat lead the cast. You can watch Actor in Law full movie on VidPK in HD quality.

The movie Actor in Law is about the people and how a hero can solve all their problems. It’s also about how each one of us can become that hero. The protagonist is an ordinary Pakistani whose father is a lawyer who hasn’t won a case in his life. Still, Fahad Mustafa, the protagonist, finds a way to help his people and eventually himself.

actor in law full movie

Fahad Mustafa in Actor In Law

Actor In Law Movie Review

When I first watched this movie, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen until the interval. It was that good.

Today, when I watched the movie again to review it, it had the same enigma.

The Story

Open the spoiler to reach the story. I don’t want you to read it you are REALLY going to watch the film. Enjoy it without knowing what’s going to happen next in this film.

But if you are my kind, I know you’re going to read it anyway 🙂

Spoiler Alert!

If you watch Actor in Law full movie, you will wish Fahad Mustafa would quit his game show on ARY and start doing more films. It’s that good.

I give this move 5/5 for a Pakistani movie.

My Review “Loved It!”

Here is my quick review of this Pakistani film.

  • Amazing acting. You can’t ask for better from Fahad especially. He has a full range of emotions and knows how to bring out the best of him in every situation. That’s what you want from an actor who is going to play such an anchor role. Om Puri’s work doesn’t need any words while Mehwish Hayat is charming as usual.
  • The movie seems a bit too long and gives the feel of being dragged towards the end. I wish the last hour of the movie was more compact, with better direction, editing, and a more powerful script.
  • The music is just amazing for a Pakistani movie. I loved every song and all the music videos. I enjoyed the way they choose to picturise songs, making them flow naturally with the story. It’s good to see someone doing film songs properly. I’m really fed up watching how they are done in Bollywood movies. This movie does manage to show a fresher approach to how music can help a movie’s script more than its marketing.
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Now it’s time you watch the movie. I don’t want you to keep reading when you are here to watch Pakistani film Actor In Law.

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