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Bilal Lashari’s movie is a Pakistani blockbuster movie that touched the sensitive issue of terrorism for the very first time. This movie was funded by ISPR with the effort to fight against terrorism.

Waar is supported by good money, a fresh director, seasoned actors and an excellent technical staff which resulted in making it a super hit movie. It broke several records in the history of Pakistani cinema due to its awesome idea and cast. You can watch Pakistani movie Waar online on the Vidpk and see what made this movie so special for Pakistanis.

Story Of Waar

The story revolves around Mujtaba (Shan), a retired security officer who returns Pakistan to save this country from a massive terrorist attack. It further stars Hamza Ali Abbasi as Ehtasham who is a brave Pakistani Police officer who is involved in fighting terrorists and had accomplished many successful operations with the support of his sister Ayesha (Aisha Khan).

Ehtasham and Ayesha come to know that Pakistan is about to experience a major terrorist attack and they knew only one person could save the country from it i.e. Mujtaba, who was involved in many military operations in the past but was living a mysterious life after he left forces. But, he had the patriotism left inside him even after the brutal killing of his wife.

His high rank in the Army and his brave acts of saving the country were the reasons that compelled terrorists to perform the tedious job of killing his family and demoralize him.

The Seemed to have been successful until he was approached by Ayesha; the girl with high aims and willing to do anything to keep her country safe.

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Movie Waar

Shamoon Abbasi played an amazing role for the commander of a terrorist group as “Rimal”. This group was helped by the Indian RAW agent Lakshmi (Meesha Shafi) who’s disguised as a social worker in the country’s capital, Islamabad. Meesha Shafi despite f any past experience in acting, has justified her role.

The chasing game between terrorists, RAW, and forces began with this. By this, the movie suggested that terrorism is not a homegrown problem but is plotted by the enemies, particularly India. Due to which this movie created waves all around the world. As, India has been a major participant in declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state on the world forum.

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Moreover, Shamoon Abbasi did a commendable job in playing the role of a villain. He did justice with his character and his action scenes were such which could only be delivered by a high-class actor. At a point, the viewers actually even got to hate him because of his character. That truly explains how wonderfully he did justice to the character.


Watch Full Movie “Waar” Free

Pakistani movie Waar is no doubt an amazing effort to show the world another side of the story. It is supported with a good script and storyline overall. Shaan has done an excellent job and perfectly executed action sequences. It was first of its kind in Pakistan action-thriller movies.

Waar Pakistani movie raised the level of Pakistani film industry to Hollywood in terms of its action and thrill. Other than this, its music and songs matched the level of Bollywood movies. War movie online is available and is a must watch.

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People started taking this movie way too seriously all around the world and the director said:

“It’s just a movie, the same way that Hollywood has portrayed good guys and bad guys. It’s not a documentary.”-Bilal Lashari

On the whole, the movie has done a commendable job to revive Pakistani cinema. It’s an overall package in terms of its plot, direction, acting, characters, and music. It definitely provides a good experience and Pakistanis feel pride in it because it led Pakistani cinema a step forward.

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