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Drama Serial Dastaan on Hum Tv - Episode 9/c

Actors: Samina Peerzada Babrik Shah Anita Campher Sanam Baloch Sangeeta Qavi Khan Khayyam Sarhadi Ahsan Khan Asma Abbas Saba Hameed Fawad Khan Saba Qamar Mehreen Raheel
Director: Haissam Hussain
Producer: Momina Duraid
Writer: Sameera Fazal
TV Channel:Hum TV
Show Name:Dastaan
Added:21 Aug 2010
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Posted by nadiaqasim (4 yrs ago)
" Very well said aamra i 100% agree with u i dont know why we are so into indians seriously after watching this drama i hate hindus and sikhs they did so bad to our poor ppl shame on geo and everyody else who even think of making friendship with india i think they forgot that our ancestor gave so much sacrifice for this country . ALLAH humarey mulk ko hamesha salamat rakhey aur sab momin brothers ko hidayat dey key hum unity key saath apney mulk mein khush rahein inshallah. "
Posted by aamra (4 yrs ago)
" Asslam o Alikum
This a great portrayal of happenings at the time of independence. This drama has once again rose the spirits of partition and has reminded us why partition was necessary and what could be our situation in a united India under Hinuds. This a befitting slap on the face of GEO's so called Aman ki Asha which is intended to blur the historical facts and put doubts in the minds of our new generation. Long live Pakistan and its ideology. May Allah guide our nation to make Pakistan for what all this struggle was done and sacrifices given.
May Allah guide us all.
Ameen "
Posted by fairy77 (4 yrs ago)
" @amy , its a known fact and almost told by any onewjho was in indian punjab that sikhs used to throw kids in air and then hold a arrow under them to kill them, they raped thousand sof women , some were taken by them and others comitted sucide, partition was one of the bloodiest event in worlds history. "
Posted by amy22 (4 yrs ago)
" Friends, I'm a student of English and American literature. I'm studying South Asian literature in particular which of course also deals with the Partition of India. In these novels I have read many cruel storis but what I'm reading of your grandparents' experiences is worse cuz I know that it is true for sure. It is crazy how a human mind can think of such cruelties. "
Posted by amy22 (4 yrs ago)
" MIERVA, oh my God, HORRIBLE! I wish I could get that picture out of my mind now. ASTAGHFIRULLAH! HOW CRUEL! "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" the part when samina peerzada trying to kill her own daughter bano that was very emotional. "
Posted by humfan (4 yrs ago)
" OH my GOD the whole episode give me goosebumps .
@ SAMAHA,one of my friend has read the novel she told me the whole story but here they changed it a little bit.lets see how much they gonna change the original story.cuz the original novel is extremely sad. "
Posted by Rani0001 (4 yrs ago)
" omgg :( couldnt stop the tearss :( sab mar gaye and then pakistan bana :( and look ajj iska kia haal ho gaya! :( hum hi khayal nahi rakh paye pakistan ka!! :(:(
ya allah..bless our Pakistaaan!! "
Posted by asmairfan79 (4 yrs ago)
" u people are right pakistan is again suffering and the most painfull part is that pakistan is suffering just becoz of their own sons,

ye hi to aik aziyat hai jo sahi nahi jaa rahi kay maa apnay bachon kay haathon jal rahi ha ....

hum ALLAH ko kia munh dikhaayengay, apnay buzrgon ko kia jawab dengay kay hum nai un ki qurbaniyun ka kiaa silaa diyaa....

ALLAH TALAA hamara imaan phir say taza karden hum sab ko aik sacha momin banaa den ameen sum ameen "
Posted by MAdilAzad (4 yrs ago)
" @asmairfan 79

Feels like Pakistan is suffering once again same situation, the difference is just

at that time

Hindu & sikh killed muslims , now muslims & muslims fighting together

our forefather died 4 islam & for their selfrespect now we r killing & dieing for money & power

we hav sensible leader now our leaders are imprudent

we were slave of Allah & follow Our prophet (PBUH) only now we are slave of western countries & follow their, fashion, technologies,music etc etc

May Allah help us to become true muslim and keep us on right path of islam and give may we all muslims die in halat of eman ameen sum ameen "
Posted by MAdilAzad (4 yrs ago)
" My grandma mashallah Alive may she have long & healthy life so that we will always have her lots of prayers (ameen)

she's also a part of this partition but unfortunately, I wasn't ever intreseted to hear something about partition from her, she use to tell but you know who listen...boring stories....that's sort of thinking comes up in my mind ....

but now after getting married, and leaving my country,it's haven't being so long to away from my country but now i realize the importance of my country, and now I am really very much interested to go back and hear the true story of partition from my grandma, may Allah bless her & keep her saya on us. "
Posted by mn6666 (4 yrs ago)
" how can humans bi so cruel?even animals r better,they also hv a bit sympathy in thm. "
Posted by qazi54 (4 yrs ago)
" great drama excellant acting by everyone
so close to real "
Posted by mierva (4 yrs ago)
" now let me share something about these beasts called indians..
my grandparents migrated from india, my mamon who was only 3 years at that time still remember that a man was slaughtered in front of him , my nana was in army so they got special protection how ever when they were in hiding in a house before moving to the army camp my nano saw a 2muslim girls who was brought to the area adjecent to the house was raped so many times by hindu sikhs that she lost her consciousness they were tied to a charpai and their father was tied with a pillar on the sides of their legs .. then one of them died and even then they kept raping her my nano said they were just 13-16 years old.
another person told us that they saw sikhs raped a pregnant woman and kicked her and one of then put his hand in her and pulled out the baby and killed him while the mother was alive and she even the cord was attached.. astaghfirullah. "
Posted by mierva (4 yrs ago)
" the generation that saw all this has almost passed away, yet we are so shameful ppl that all those who got the brunt of the partition we call them mahagir, hindustarey, and urdu speaking and don't know what else.. now i listen every other day ppl saying that Pakistan was a mistake united india would had been better , Pakistan this and that and Pakistanis this and that.. first Pakistan is not bad its the ppl and corruption who has done this to Pakistan, Pakistan is like a mother who has been bearing all the torture yet keeping us in its arms.. @asmairfan79 what happened in sialkot was out of words but always keep in mind such incidents has happened to Muslims in world and india several times to Muslims , that we cant actually see on line. world is full of such examples , thousands would be there in partition , bosnia , chechnia, iraq and noone knows where.
When Qaide azam asked for seperate country and the nation stood behind him they were not all idiots as we think now there was a reason those ppl knew hindus from close and now we only see the movies.
i would say slap on the face of ppl who speak hindi in pakistan
speak against ppl whho show hini movies to kids
and raise a voice against hinid movie in pakistani cenimas "
Posted by nadiaqasim (4 yrs ago)
" Hey asmairfan79 meri bhi halat yehi hai yaar i am so disturb har waqat unhi ladkon ka khiyal aa raha hai allah reham karey hum sab par ameen. "
Posted by asmairfan79 (4 yrs ago)
" bachpan say suni or parheen beshumaar qurbani ki dastanen or ye hi laga kay islam kay liye itni bari hijrat hui to aagay bhi islam ka parcham buland rahega..

lekin ab wo aziyat ki ghari hai kay khud par bhi bharosa nahi raha hai....
os waqt hindu or sikh maartay thay bayy aabroo kartay thay or ab apnay pakistani muslamaan hi kartay hain ye sab
sirf politicians hi nahi awam bhi corrupt ho gayi hai...

pichlay dino news mein thaa kay karachi mein 4 saala bachi ka rape kia giya or maar diya giyaa

phir news parhi or video dekhi kis terha 2 bhaiyun ko baydardi say maaraa giyaa

phir news dekhi itni sailaabi afaat mein bhi naa loot maar ruki or naa hi aik doosray say laraayi...

or bhi beshumaar baaten hain dastanen hain

so sorry jab say un larkon ki death ki video dekhi hai mera dimagh kuch is terhaa kharab huaa hai kay naa dil pay qaaboo hai or ansoon pay...wo death sirf un larkon ki hi nahi insaaniyat ki pakistaniyat ki or musalmaanon kay imaan ki bhi death thi

pehlay jab bhi dua kay liye haath uthaaye pakistan ki salamti awal rahi or ab dua kay liye haath uthtay zaroor hain lekin dukh kay siwa kuch yaad nahi rehtaa...

bachpan say pakistan pehlaa ishq rahaa hai
or ab sirf dukh dukh or dukh......

i m so sorry for bothering u all
but i m out of my mind ...i cant see them loosing humanity "
Posted by (4 yrs ago)
" I ALSO WANT TO SHARE an incident abt partation that occured in our village goleki gujrat there was a hindu family they were all escaped but there only a small child of four years left alone behind an old lady of my relatives take him her house and hide him in her house where she store grains n he was there for a week then he succeded to go to india n now he is a renowned personaltiy of indian politics named DARBARI LAAL n he also came in pakistan abt 2003/04 n came to our village n also thanked alot abt that kindness "
Posted by amy22 (4 yrs ago)
" Aleena, it was very interesting to read your dadi and nani's experience although it is of course very sad and indeed must have been a traumatic experience for the people. I also agree that such people should be called in schools so they can tell their stories to younger people who are losing touch with reality and following cultures that are not their own.

Anyhow, we should also keep in mind that Sikhs and Hindus were also killed. Because we are watching a story from the Muslim point of view, it is portrayed like that. And of course I am also biased towards my country and religion and think that Hindus and Sikhs were horrible and they killed many Muslims so I dislike them for that but if we are unbiased, we 'd see that there were also victims amongst them. "
Posted by mn6666 (4 yrs ago)
" mujse dekha nai jaraha halanke peta heke drama he,to socho unpe kia biti hogi jinke apne unki ankhon ke samne katl kardie gaye,ab pak men muslim muslim ko marte hen,majhab ke naam pe dusron ko shaheed karten hen kyunnnnnnnnnnn????wo bi to musalman hen,tum kon hote ho fesla karne wale ke koi musalman he ya nai,Allah pe kyun nai chorte,dil khoon ke ansu ro raha he ke un shaheedon ke bhi chote chote bache hen.masjidon men namaz parhte hue unko marte ho or apne ap ko musalman kehte ho?are daro khuda ke azab se or rehem karo insanon pe. "
Posted by aleenaa (4 yrs ago)
" @durrani
Infact my nani too passed away in 1993.There are very few people left to tell these real events.They are not stories infact real events that scarred our hearts,this will never heal.Bottom line is this that Muhammad Ali Jinnah two nation theory is 100% valid till today.I pity on muslims now who watch star plus and speaks hindi in Pakistan.I pity on our own people like Sabiha somar who made "khamosh pani" movie in which she showed a sikh woman being hated by muslims & most important somehow I simply dislike Indian muslims who still are congressy, they are munafiq and coward and justify that Pakistan should not be made. "
Posted by ambreen4U (4 yrs ago)
" i have also heard a story,n i personly know her.she iz the only one who was survived in a train coming from AMRATSAR.she covered herself by the dead bodies of her beloved ones.when she came lahore,she was young at that time n played a active role in rescue teams in mohagir camps.after some time she got married and now she has a family.n living in our neighbourhood. "
Posted by aleenaa (4 yrs ago)
" @durrani
No she passed away in 1996,she was diabetic.My nani had the similar story, she told me that at the raliway station she put bindiya on her forehead to protect her from hindus and sikhs as she herself saw them killing muslims.My nana was young and he went to confirm seats and my nani was alone at the railway station with my mamu who was few months old and my mother who was almost two.My nani lost her mental status after watching those horrific events.She never wanted to put bindiya bcz she once told me that her mom warned them that if u put bindiya then that part of ur forehead will burn in hell.She always regretted that but at the same time she wanted to save her kids and also herself as she was no doubt a beautiful young woman and also a sayyidah from her lineage.Hindus and sikhs are butchers by nature.May Allah protect every muslims from these shaiytan.Ameen &PAKISTAN ZINDABAD. "
Posted by samaha (4 yrs ago)
" Has anyone read the novel, will Bano meet Hassan at some point, I know from the glimpses Hassan will get engaged to another girl (Mehreen Raheel). Whats is the ending in the novel? "
Posted by durrani (4 yrs ago)
" @aleenaa
so sorry to hear about ur personal story about this tragedy. is ur dadi still alive? u know i think in pak we should have gathered all these people who survived such incidents (and later 65 and 71 wars) who could tell their stories to younger generations in schools, like they do here in the western countries like canada and states. so that younger generations could also know the story face to face from a real survivor, that way they would better be able to understand what Pakistan is about and respect it as well! "
Posted by aleenaa (4 yrs ago)
" This happens with my family.My dadi told us how she escaped with her 3 kids,the youngest one was 3 month old.The day before leaving for delhi they hide themselves in mandir of my dada's worker, whom my grandfather gave dowry for his daughter marriage as he was a very generous man.That whole night my dadi put her hand on her 3 months old son for not letting him cry.According to her that was a night of terror because the hindus and sikhs kept knocking on the door and looking for them.They were hunting them like a dog because they knew that they are somewhere in the town.In the morning my family got the news that my uncle was slaughtered when he was coming to join them and then they left early at dawn to catch the train. "
Posted by humairashafi (4 yrs ago)
" mind blowing, heart wrenching truth "
Posted by rubirose1 (4 yrs ago)
" And now hindus act friendly towards remaining muslims, so they can again do the same whenever they get a chance!!!!!!
Raw truth is so hurtful........ ufffffffffff "
Posted by KalloPari (4 yrs ago)
" another great episode "
Posted by amy22 (4 yrs ago)


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)