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Drama Thori Si Wafaa Chahiye on Geo Tv - Episode 8/b

Actors: Shamoon Abbasi Iffat Rahim Omar Sajid Hassan Adnan Siddiqi Mehwish Hayat
Director: Yasir Nawaz
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Writer: Syed Wasi Shah
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Thori Si Wafaa Chahiye
Added:13 May 2010
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Posted by preetygirl (4 yrs ago)
" apni khushi ki khatir apni aulad ki khushi ka gala daba raha hai ye baap k naam per dhabba hai. "
Posted by aqsa087 (4 yrs ago)
" mehru is so mean poor kid "
Posted by aqsa087 (4 yrs ago)
" this drama is so touching especially the kids they act so good "
Posted by NazishAhmed (4 yrs ago)
" Oh Puhleeeezzz Aroma! Don't get us started All over again... Don't u read previous comments before pouring ur words of wisdom on us?! Keep ur imaginations to Urself ! We have enough to imagine abt in our lives already... !!! And stop being an idiot for God Sake! "
Posted by AromA (4 yrs ago)
" lol...............oh yeah.............its 'THE writer'!!

imagine mehru/mehwish...............on 'gun point'.........doing what THE writer n THE director told her to hoo.... poor mehwish.

Posted by nadra (4 yrs ago)
" nnmnmm "
Posted by nadra (4 yrs ago)
" why is everyone attacking mehru or mehwish it is the writters fault. "
Posted by nadra (4 yrs ago)
" why is every one attacking mehwish or mehru it is not her fault did every one forget the writter, "
Posted by mariaatiq (4 yrs ago)
" allah iss mehru ko mot de kamini aurat
laanat ho iss per or drama banay walay per jis ne aisi dreeing.... "
Posted by ambreen4U (4 yrs ago)
" its so much touchy drama.childs r very good in acting "
Posted by NazishAhmed (4 yrs ago)
" wow these are some really interesting comments being made here...Im not a fan but after reading all the comments..i would like to share my opinion..I think GEO is a Huge channel with thousands of employees working in it .. everything that we see first goes through a process which makes sure that everything is crystal clear from all the aspects.. "IF" it was "VULGAR" in any way or the show was projecting vulgarity in any sense ..they wouldnt have let it go On air and they would have CENSORED it in the first place..because more than any of us, They take the responsibility and Do realise that their channel is reaching the houses of viewers living in So many different countries including muslim countries ! Thats all!

Guys I dont think u all should take a drama too seriously..
The Idea is to watch ..Enjoy..and Move On with Life.. Simple :-) "
Posted by danishdada (4 yrs ago)
" Main geo k dramay regularly dekhta hoon aur yeh wala drama serial aajkal mera favourite hai ,sabne boht achha kaam kiya hai isme aur story b bohout strong hai..
"UZMAFARAZ" maine wo drama serial puraa deka hai jiski aap baat karrahi ho "KON JANE KIA HONA HAI" mein Mehru ne shalwar kamiz aur jeans kurtiyan pehni theen ,hahaha comment karne se pehle apna homework to pura karlia karo ..apni taraf se bolejarahi ho ! ;P "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" idhar tau MEHWISH FAN CLUB k Rep bhi aa gaye. kitne insecure log hain is fan club k ... kuch hosla nai negative sunane ka. "
Posted by khan6666 (4 yrs ago)
" And besides, if you want an example of the real Mehwish. Just check out the dettol commercial currently on air these days. That's the closest thing to the real Mehwish. In the way she dresses and talks and her general body language....Sweetness personified! :) "
Posted by khan6666 (4 yrs ago)
" AQ, fine you all have an opinion, but you said that you don't attack others but if you read your first post on this page, you called Mehwish a "bygarat aurat" and you called her family "third class". If that is not attacking somebody, then I don't know what is. There is always a way to criticise others without attacking them. You did not do that. If you have an objection to her dresses that you can criticize by staying in your limits. And besides, do you really think that she is "half-naked'? I mean c'mon man, it's just sleeveless and the dress is till her knees. I don't find it vulgar at all, if you do it that's your opinion. And besides it's not that Mehwish is showing cleavage or something. Do you go out btw? And have you noticed what girls wear nowadays? Tight t-shirts with their jugs falling out, tight jeans. Now my friend, THAT is vulgar. And besides, like I said in my last post, I know Mehwish personally as she is a very good friend of mine and she is NOT AT ALL like Mehru. In real life, she is a very simple girl and dresses very decently. Unlike some other actresses of showbiz who dresses a bit vulgar in real. Mehwish is a complete family girl, doesn't go to parties like other actresses and when she is not working, most of the time she is at home. You will rarely see her in any industry fuction either. Normally I don't post any comment on here, but I just wanted to point out that you crossed your limit because you personally attacked Mehwish and her family. I did not like it because she is the nices person I've ever known. Criticize her by all means, but please stay in limits. It's a request, not an order. That goes for all of you. Enjoy the serial and I think Mehwish has given a fabulous performance in it. Cheers!!!! "
Posted by absolut_me (4 yrs ago)
" mehru k baap ka farsh hai itna chila rahi zalil "
Posted by uzmafaraz (4 yrs ago)
" mehru is not a rich girl she belongs to a middle class family and she married to a rishwat khor officer so y she has the habbit of wearing less clothes she acted in "KON JANEY KIYA HONA HAI " GEO DRAMA she also weared that kind of lothes in that drama as well so what does this mean it means is ko aisey kaprey oahney ka shok hai "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" aq you are right, thats I am trying to say. abrakadabra I am not arguing at all. I am just saying everyone has own opinions and allow to comment what ever thay want. If sombdody saying she is beshram.. So u shouldn't say anything and if you like her so its your opinion we have no rights to against you. You are judging us. please stop that. What do you mean that we just start wearing short skirts and start drinking and etc...? Before Mushrraff actress weren't wearing shuttlecok wale or burqas... "
Posted by aq (4 yrs ago)
" OK MEHWISH HAYAAT FAN CLUB... we get it. She can do whatever she wants but being a actress, she is a public figure and all of us can pass our comments and opinions about her...Unlike you all, we don't "attack personally" on other members. We are all entitle to our views. nobody needs to agree with each other. Obviously some of us don't accept her bayshermi that's our opinion. Some of you love her half naked, that's your opinion. Keep your comments about her, don't attack on us just because our views don't suit you "
Posted by abrakadabra (4 yrs ago)
" and what u are doing isnt an argument?! i think actresses from now on should start wearing Shuttlecok wale BURQAAs On TV...but even then u guys would have problem with that ...becoz thats what human nature is... :-) Never happpy and satisfied with anything...har cheez mei Keeray nikaalne ka boht shouq hai hamari qoum ko...Stop wasting ur time here and KINDLY MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF UR LIVES..! "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" I try my best to stay in my limits. I don't think so you do and thats I call Part time Muslim. I know lots of people doing bad stuff I don't say them they are doing fine. They also have to pay. I don't care how mehwish hayat and other people do. Thave have their own lives. I am just saying that, "my opinion is" they can show negative roles without doing these kind of beshraam stuff. She isn't wearing only sleeve less clothes, she is more than that. This is only my opinion and no body can change it. If your opinion is different and you guyz think these kind of dressing are okay so what can I do? So you don't have to argue me or other people. Please "
Posted by abrakadabra (4 yrs ago)
" hahah so funny..! chanda there are so many things that are wrong and are not allowed in our "RELIGION" phir sabki sui issi ek baat per aaker kyun attak gayi hai.. ask urself,ARE U FOLLOWING its all conditions ? I dont think so!!! "
Posted by nidakanwal (4 yrs ago)
" who ever wear these kind of clothes. Its not good because we are not allow in our religion. If she is doing negative role she can do without wearing this kind of clothes. Naheed shabir is doing negative rol in chand parosa but she is wearing nice clothes. They have to stay in limits. "
Posted by cindrellafromhell (4 yrs ago)
" agreed with khan6666 and abrakadabra, i dont get it, wearing sleeveless clothes or "dresses" is not nangapan or beghairity? nobody has a right to make statements against anyone like this..phir to that means everyother actress is a nangi aurat,mona lisa,mehreen raheal,amina sheikh,maria wasti,ayesha omar and so on,there are endless examples,seems like those criticising Mehwish on personal grounds basically have something against her personally,trying to bring her down makingpersonal comments on her and her family! lagta hai mister AQ iss duniya k sabse shareef insaan hain..wo AQ khan jaise logue hi hotay hei jo religion ki taleemat phelarahe hotay hain aur apni personal life mei aisi hi auraton k saath hona pasand kartain ,they dream abt such girls but fail,agar aisa na hota to aaj hamare maulvi aur maulanas would be the cleanest ppl preaching abt islam..but in real they are the biggest shame of our religion...

ADVICE TO Ms GURYA and AQ and others making comments that make absolutely no sense and show their own characters,agar aap ko itna hi problem hai to jaaker QTV dekho,why do u even watch the show?! how lame is that..?!
and AQ wy dont u go and see what ur mother and sister is upto and try to teach and enlighten them abt islam and its valuessss...they need it morre than others! :-) "
Posted by AromA (4 yrs ago)
" Mehru bari manhoos hai...aatay hi ganjay ko dubo diy. "
Posted by NSKHAN06 (4 yrs ago)
" agreed with aq.. musharraf ka diya gya tohfa hai ye media ka nanga pann.. "
Posted by gurya (4 yrs ago)
" mehru christan bhi nahi ho or musalman bhi nahi wo sirf or sirf nangi aurat hay "
Posted by aq (4 yrs ago)
" so next time if her character requires a naked shot, obviously Ms Mehwish won't have a problem, its all about the character, she is such a high caliber actress that she can do what ever she wants its all you ignorant people, don't attack me, know your religion and then explain your reasoning and acceptance or her vulgarity.
No woman of class would shed clothes for cheap character even. "
Posted by gurya (4 yrs ago)
" mehru ko negatinve role main dhkikhaya hay laikn kuch kapray to pehna daitay "
Posted by khan6666 (4 yrs ago)
" Some of the comments made by people on the episodes of this serial screams illiteracy. Like one idiot poster AQ on this page. Mehwish Hayat is a very close friend of mine and without knowing her and her family you calling her names. What a utter tool you are. It seems that you are unable to get this thing in your thick head that what you are seeing in this serial is "Mehreen" and NOT "Mehwish Hayat". Mehreen's character, attitude and dressing. But you are such a retard that you don't know this and instead criticizing Mehwish, who in real life, is NOTHING like Mehru. She does not dresses like Mehru and not acts like her and is the nicest person I've ever known. She is playing a role of a very bad and characterless woman which exists in our society and you are a complete ignorant if you think that high-class women in Pakistan doesn't wear such dresses, and it is certainly more than 1%. And the choice of dresses was not her's, but director Yasir Nawaz's. Mehru is a characterless woman, it would look daft if she is going around in Shalvar Kameez, so modern dresses were needed for this role. But you think Mehwish is like that, absolutely hilarious. AQ, do yourself a favour and get your head out of your arse. "
Posted by sharara (4 yrs ago)
" Eik Phool (Mehwish) Do Maali (abrakadabra+ danishdada)....wah ji wah....mehwish ke majnoo to dekho....lolzzzz :) "
Posted by danishdada (4 yrs ago)
" @ aq : mujay to kahee se nhi lga k Mehwish/Mehru ne limits cross ki hein aur naa hee beghairat lagee , mujay to app beghairat lagrahe ho,jiay app jantay b nahee uskay family background ko thirdclass kahrahee ho ,insan ki aankh mailee ho to usay sabb maila dikta hai aap apnee ankh saaf aur apni fuzool soach apnay paas rakho "
Posted by aq (4 yrs ago)
" My sincere apology to 1% baygaraat and vulgar Pakistanis for not understanding their liberal values.. my bad... shame on all of us who reject this media culture.. how narrow minded we are.. carry on I am listening, please enlighten us more with the great values of "high and modern society" "
Posted by abrakadabra (4 yrs ago)
" I am in love with this drama...!!! I went through all the comments and
seems like ppl are more interested discussing actors..their clothes..face..lips... than the story or plot...which is a shame..!

LOL- muje ek bat samaj nai aati.. dramas show and reflect the shades and realities of ppl living in our societies ...categorically "higher society" i have witnessed women and girls from extremely rich families in pakistan wearing these kind of modern clothes..even lesser than that..and they are actually "PAKISTANI"women and not indian or african...belonging to a certain class... These are the real ppl in the shape of characters being portrayed...aise logue hamare muashre mein hotay hain aur drama k zariye yehi dikhane ki koshish ki gayi hai yakeenan...!
I pity those who believe what they havent seen does not exist...which is not true... it just shows the lack of exposure and plz guys open up ur eyes and mind and stop living in Vain.. " "
Posted by aq (4 yrs ago)
" This Mehwish person, she is a complete bygarat aurat. what kind of third class family she belongs to that nobody tells her to stay in her limits. She dresses like a Looser "
Posted by yumna45 (4 yrs ago)
" I love this dramma verry good.
arsel aur us ki behen ne bohat acha kaam kiya hay. "
Posted by saniashiraz (4 yrs ago)
" i love dis drama , iffat's acting too good , Arsal i love you bachey :)

Mehru plz wear some clothes "
Posted by nav (4 yrs ago)
" i am gonna kill mehru she such a bich "
Posted by smart01 (4 yrs ago)
" These kids are soooo adorable especially Arsal looks so innocent.He is such a good actor.It's hard to say that he is acting.His Facial expressions are simply amazing. "
Posted by shaistaq (4 yrs ago)
" mehru musalman hai ya christian "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)