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Meri Adhoori Mohabbat 16th September Last Episode

Actors: Aisha Khan Sabreen Hisbani Adnan Siddiqi Shahood Alvi Mahmood Aslam Humayun Saeed
Director: Yasir Nawaz
Writer: Noorul Huda Shah
TV Channel:Geo TV
Show Name:Meri Adhoori Mohabbat
Added:17 Sep 2008
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Posted by frozen_cloud0009 (4 yrs ago)
" Yaar bus theak hay na...Kia masla hay.. Agar is ko sirf apnay RAB say mohabbat hay to chor do na os ko..... By the way My fav character in his drama are,, Sifat,, Asfahani,, Nirmalta and Shafi saab RIP...Thanks to the uploaders... "
Posted by aquiriuszone (5 yrs ago)
" i hate the ending but the drama was excellent! hey can anyone tell me what drama was it (i think maybe it finished 2-3 months ago) on geo or ary which had amna haq in it and her husband does a 2nd marriage or smthing. i liv in australia nd my dada wants 2 send it for me from PK. pls tell me if u know "
Posted by mnaurin (6 yrs ago)
" what none sence woh to nirmaltaay say madiha bani ishqay majazi say ishqay haqiqi kee taraf gae is say zayada complete muhbbat ho hee nai saktee hai ager adhori muhabbat say murad hamyon saeed hai to phir darama ko us pay bill kull be focus nai kiya gaya. "
Posted by mnaurin (6 yrs ago)
" madiha dua buhat achee mantee hai. "
Posted by kinkoo (6 yrs ago)
" i hate the ending. it would have been a perfect drama if they had shown the whole cast. really the drama was about the two brothers Humayun saeed and his brother but in the last epi only their wives were shown. you i was hoping that Humayun Saeed will completely fall in love with prizay and forget nirmalta and nimalta would change her attitude towards Safat. it was an ADHOORI ending. i wish it was a happy ending but it seemed so incomplete i think it should be called MERI ADHOORI ENDING. i was anticipating the ending for soooo long at the end i was really disappointed. "
Posted by sebi (6 yrs ago)
" i didn´t like the end. "
Posted by nooraniwali (6 yrs ago)
" I think the writer totally ignored siffat and the mom at the end we don't know what happened to them. and when nirmalta became muslim and changed her name to Madiha why in the last episode pareezay was keep calling her nirmalta. The writer Noor Ul Huda Shah really disappointed me seem like she was not able to rap it up. she showed as if she wasn't safe with siffat in Pakistan so she is back in her fathers house in India. where her brother is very hostile ready to kill her. she left siffat for what? for Rehan? I thought they showed her a strong muslim. she basically used siffat in her bad times and left him for Rehan. I did not expect this form the writer. Islam mey Allah sey Qareeb honey key liye Shohar ko chor deyna yeh kaha likha hey. bulkey shohar ko khush kar key to Jannat malti hey.Islam mey rahiba ka koi tasawwor nahi hey. "
Posted by weeklyemail (6 yrs ago)
" All i wanted was a happy ending..i hadnt expected this ending..the most ridiculous ending!!! "
Posted by Bismah (6 yrs ago)
" That's very true. I give 3 stars to this just because how they ruined everyone at the end. Siffat bahi becharey..bohat taras aya mujey un becharey per..He got Nothing.
but khair Drama is end so we all should calm down. lolz "
Posted by pakgrl (6 yrs ago)
" It was a very very DISAPPOINTING Ending. Not just Madhu but Ayesha Khan looked terrible too with those glasses & the way she was dress. Why is it 3 years later she came to visit her? The whole episode was in that 1 room. And What happened to poor "Siffat Bhai"? Is he dead or alive the kind of life he had I am surprise he didn't kill himself I mean no love from his father no love from his Mom even Parezay na dhoka diya or ab Madhu bhi chala gai. Isn't that something she was married twice to the people who loved her but she didn't love them. Also I was thinking that Nirmal/Madhu has ruinned 3-4 lives (Bechara Gotam, Becharay Siffat Bhai, Cry Baby Loser Rahan, & because of him Parezay. What kind of muslim they make her out to be The one who think ONLY for herself that is NOT what Islam teach us....... "
Posted by smssr84 (6 yrs ago)
" Shahood Alvi and Ayesha Khan were the best Artists in the drama!! HS only cried in 100 episodes!! he has forgotten to act! Sabeen was good too... better then HS!! "
Posted by smssr84 (6 yrs ago)
" there is NO concept of NUN in Islam!!! then why did they show this?? its the most crappy ending to a great drama!!! just too disappointing!!
Allah says to get married! and here she divorces her hubby for the sake of Allah!! huh!!! yeh kidhar ka Islam hai???
Rehan naye jab kaha keh he will take Madhu as his bro's wife tu kya tension hai?? they should have showed some puri muhabbat!! the ending was totally off topic!!
plus agar Madhu ka pehla pyaar Rab ban gaya tu uss ki muhabbat tu puri hogai! phir rona kis baat hai!!
it was just toooooo crazy and crappy!! "
Posted by bindya30 (6 yrs ago)
" yah she look like mother tressa and if u see she is wearing half blouse which does not suitable for muslim girl who love this much to god "
Posted by veryverypakistani (6 yrs ago)
" i think k sifaat madhu ko le kar maa ke paas multan wali haweli chala jata ,madhu rehaan ki nazro se door hojati to pareze ke saath wo set hojata n udhar haweli me madhu n sifaat ke bachay dekh ker maa ka dil bhi pighal jata n wo madhu ko except ker leti,madhu sifaat bhi bacho ke baad in love hojatey jo k already thay bhi..lekin aik baat hai k phir drama ka naam ye naa hota koi aur hota. "
Posted by veryverypakistani (6 yrs ago)
" chalo yaar aisa krte hain apni apni marzi ka end likhte hain lets start "
Posted by Dzaidi (6 yrs ago)
" They made Sabreen Hisbani/Madhu/Nirmal looked like Mother Teresa by putting the white cotton saree with blue border...typical Christian outlook and portrayed the same idealogy, which does not exist in Islam...started out great but end could have been better. "
Posted by swety (6 yrs ago)
" YEH I AGREE WITJ ALL OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS .........i dont like the ending .....i never missed any episode .....but when i saw the ending i thought i have wasted my time for that drama......madhu should have stayed with siffat...what happened to the mom......ending sa aisay ghayab kia jaisay shahad ma sa makhiy........and pareezay overact so much in the last epsidoe and it looked like she doesnt know how to act ......anway so disappointing "
Posted by weeklyemail (6 yrs ago)
" yea i agree with all thts said before..i didnt like this ending..i also wanted madhu to stay with shaiffaat..poor guy..he didnt get parezai or madhu..overall it was a great drama..hvnt seen a good one in a while.. "
Posted by Sona68 (6 yrs ago)
" The ending was totally disappointing.
Madhu should have stayed with her husband- he helped her through her toughest times.
The writers could have done much better than this. Great drama overall but the last 2 episodes totally disappointing! "
Posted by faryal (6 yrs ago)
" totally agreed wid binda and pakistan and all . i thnk ka nikha ka bade bhi wo us ko chour gai jab ka wo us ka sath raha sakthi thi . us insaan ko jis na us ko us waqt apna dia jab us ka liya koi nahi tha , i didn,t like the ending .. "
Posted by veryverypakistani (6 yrs ago)
" totally agree with both Bs i mean bindya n bisma.actually i wasnt impressed with the start of drama but gradually it held me and i was going to die by missing any episode but i am greatly disappointed by the end,it could be far better. "
Posted by Bismah (6 yrs ago)
" Drama was very nice, but hate the ending. Bindy is right this is not Islamic way. Islam na kabhi aisy karney ko nahin kaha...I wish it had better ending. "
Posted by bindya30 (6 yrs ago)
" nake hony ka yah kon sa tareka hay kah insan aik kamray main band ho ker Allah ki ibadt kery jab keh khuda nabiyon nay bi asay nahi kia unhon nay shadiyan bi ki or bachay bi padaa kiay khuda say mohabat ka yah koi tareka isalm main nahi yah to essaion main hota hay "
Posted by xxxhadikeexxx (6 yrs ago)
" it was just an aswome drama "
Posted by nooraniwali (6 yrs ago)
" sabreen hisbani and shahood alvi have both done an awsome job. the good thing about this serial is that while it shows islam in its true spirit, it does not preach hatred and does not look down upon other religions. "


Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)