Veteran Pakistani Actress Shamim Ara Died at 78

Shamim Ara

The legendary Lollywood actress Shamim Ara died today on Friday, August 5, 2016. She was suffering from brain haemorrhage from quite some time. After her brain surgery in 2010, she was in a coma and was seeking treatment in London.

The family sources reported that she was admitted to the Southampton hospital. London. She was living there with her son Salman Iqbal.

The Lollywood Queen was having a hard battle for her life for past six years. She breathed her last this morning at the age of 78, after a prolonged fight with her illness.

Shamim Ara went through a major brain surgery in 2010 in London. The Prime Minister at that time, Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani gave a PKR 0.5 million cheque in her name so she can have the best of medical and health care.

Journey of the Veteran Actress Shamim Ara

She was born in British India in 1938. Her family was residing in Aligarh at the time. She then came to Pakistan and debuted in Pakistan’s film industry at the age of 16.

Shamim Ara was launched as a Lollywood actress in 1956 with her movie titled as ‘Kunwari Bewa’. She was successful in winning over the industry and the audience with her extraordinary performance and charming looks.  It took her no time to ace the Lollywood.

She was not only a wonderful actress but also an intelligent director and a great producer. She ruled the Pakistani film industry for over 4 decades – not a short time!

Shamim Ara was the queen of silver screen whose magic can turn anyone to her fan list.  She performed in almost 80 films. Many of her films were a big hit on box office.

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Out of her numerous hit films, the well-known contributions include Saheli, Qaidi, Naila, Devdas, Anarkali, Do Raaha, Hum Raaz and Bhul etc.

Shamim Ara Died

The actress turned to the direction in 1976. Her hit ventures as a director include movies like Playboy (1978), Miss Istanbul (1996) and Munda Bigra Jaye (1995). She won many awards for these movies.

The Lollywood sensation received the Nigar Award four times.

Shamim Ara and the Pakistani Entertainment Industry

She was not only a brilliant performer but also a kind soul. She has served the industry through her talent, performance, and guidance. She was a godmother to many of the young actresses in the Pakistani Industry.

She had a unique charm. She was cool and good-hearted. No one ever had a complaint against her. Her co-star, the veteran actor Habib ur Rehman said that no one has any grudges for her. No one has anything bad to say about her. She was a professional and knows her work very well.

Pakistani Entertainment Industry on Her Death

The death of such a legend is not only the death of a person but the death of an era. Everyone from the industry is in grief on such a huge loss.

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The Pakistani Entertainment Industry fraternity has been sending their condolences and sharing their grief through various social media platforms.

Team Vidpk send their condolences to the family. It indeed is a great loss for Pakistan!




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