US to Go Ahead With F-16 Sale to Pakistan


Despite intense opposition from India and strong debate from US lawmakers, the Obama administration has finally decided to sell F-16 jets to Pakistan. According to news, the US will be selling eight of these elite fighter planes to help Pakistan put up a better fight against terrorism.

According to a statement released by the US State Department, Pakistan has already made huge progress in it’s fight against terrorism and F-16 jets have played a critical role as Pakistan Air Force used them to clear the areas before infantry could infiltrate.

The US government will be selling eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, valued at $699 million. The deal has already caused quite a havoc among Indian government who has also pursued two US senators to resist the deal in the House. However, the US administration has already finalized the deal through the backdoor approval.

India is of the opinion that this deal won’t help Pakistan fight terrorism but it will put create an imbalance of power in the region. Indian government has clearly indicated that F-16 jets are not of much use in war against terrorism whereas the Pakistani government has proof to establish that F-16 jets have been critical to success against terrorists in Northern Waziristan.




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