Udaari Drama Has An Authentic and A Real Story – READ Full Review

Udaari drama

Udaari drama has gained fame since the first episode hits the screen. The series dare to defy the stereotypes of our society. It has been depicting one of the deepest darkest evils successfully.

Udaari drama

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Though the series had faced a backlash from a certain group of audiences, causing PEMRA to issue a notice of the series, the project head, and the whole team has managed to defend their opinion on the matter.

The story written by Farhat Ishtiaq highlights the issue of child abuse that has been a social stigma since ages. The issue is one that’s not talked about generally and avoided. This is the reason some of the audiences can’t digest the fact. And that’s the same reason why we should celebrate it because we can’t deny the existence of such atrocities. Neither we can excel as a civilized nation without burying such social injustice or putting them out of the culture.

Why should you watch Udaari drama?

The strong female characters in the show make it a must watch.


Sheedan is a strong willed woman who is recently widowed.  She lives with her daughter Meera. She looks for earning a living instead of crying over her fate.

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Sajjo is another strong character who’s been making both ends meet through a few resources. She lives with her daughter Zebo. She marries Imtiaz, an evil soul. The story takes on how Sajjo and Zebu will escape from the evil traps of Imtiaz.

Meera, Sheedan’s daughter, is close to the sweet and straightforward village girl. But as events turn out, she dares to defend her respect and worth.

Farhat Ishtiaq has kept these characters powerful yet realistic. She hasn’t depicted some super women. All these three characters are naive and heartbroken at times. But their strong will keeps them going to face the challenges life throws at them.

Udaari drama is not the typical “mazloom aurat” formula.

1- The Comic Edge to the Drama

While the story acknowledges a serious social issue, it has a comic edge to it that keeps it easy to digest the harsh reality of this society.

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It also highlights the economic and social differences between the characters through its comic situations.

2- The Awesome Performances

Each and every character in the story has done justice to their roles. The versatile Bushra Ansari has bagged the role as Sheedan. Samiya Mumtaz is also brilliant in her character.

udaari drama scene

Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz has been an outstanding villain in the story through his classy performance. His character portrays an important message to the parents to trust their child and understand their fear and silence; not just ignore their wishes for any reason.

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane through their acting have also not failed to impress the audience in this drama. It’s a delight to see their on-screen chemistry.

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Watch Urwa Hocane dancing in a party in India

 urwa hocaine dancing drunk india party

All the actors are so much indulged in their characters that it seems to be their real sides. And that’s the reason it made the way to one of the most-watched TV shows.

3- Commendable Direction and Strong Script

Ehtashamuddin has successfully converted Farhat Ishtiaq’s idea onto screen keeping the message clear. The acting is so captivating that it clearly shows the brilliance of the Director and his abilities. He has also ensured that the storyline didn’t lose its track.

Pakistani Actress and Model Mawra and Urwa's Brother Ins-E-Yazdan Set to Make Acting Debut

Authenticity and reality, this is what Udaari is all about, to be honest. It is a classic entertainment. Though some of the audiences didn’t like the idea of discussing the subject openly on-screen, many have appreciated this effort by the team of Udaari. It’s impossible to resolve any issue without giving it a voice. So, it’s a win-win situation for the team and their agenda




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