Pakistani Athletes To Represent Pakistan in Karate at World Games


2 Pakistanis athletes Abu Huraira and Muhammad Ammar are to represent Pakistan on July 29 in Poland at World Games’ ju-jitsu. 

Muhammad Ammar

Muhammad Ammar, the 2015 jiu-jitsu silver medalist, hopes to return home with a gold medal with his fellow.

“It’s an honor for us to be the first athletes in the history of Pakistan to qualify for World Games in jiu-jitsu,”  talked Muhammad Ammar to The Express Tribune from Wroclaw.

Muhammad Ammar further said “This is going to be our second experience at a major event so there is so much at stake. We only have eyes for the gold medal, silver just won’t cut it.”

Talking about the tough competition in the game, Muhammad Ammar shared his two cents as,

“A lot has changed in the two years since I began competing at the World Championships; most martial artists have improved so the competition will be tougher and unpredictable. But our preparations have been good. We’ve worked very hard in the past few months.”

The Performance of Muhammad Ammar and Abu Huraira

Muhammad Amr and Abu Huraira’s performance has been good so far. Even the Pakistani Jujitsu Federation (PJJF) coach Tariq Ali admits it. He believes these young boys are making Pakistan proud. The Pakistani flag is waved to places it never did before.

This is the first time our players have qualified for the World Games,” said Ali, who trained the duo in Karachi. “It is a huge step for Pakistani martial arts community because we’ve been trying to secure this qualification for so many years. We are proud of these boys.

Mr. Tariq Ali further shared his views as

“The national camp organised by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) was helpful but there was a break before Ramazan and for almost two months the players had to train in Karachi by themselves,” said Ali. “This was a major setback because coaching the players is much easier and efficient at a national camp. However, we have made sure they are mentally and physically prepared for the challenge in Poland.”




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