Top Pakistani dramas of PTV

Top Pakistani dramas of PTV

When it comes to classics, PTV still rules our drama industry. The golden era of PTV from 50’s to 90’s produced some of the best masterpieces that are evergreen hits. If you want to witness or re-witness some truly brilliant performances, powerful scripts and wonderful dialogues then here we present the list of top Pakistani dramas of PTV.

Unkahi – Top Pakistani Dramas of PTV


The powerful script, witty dialogues and breathtaking performances by all cast members, Unkahi revolves around a young, ambitious girl Sana and the people in her life.

The play was directed by Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali. Haseena Moin wrote the script of this cult series.

Unkahi narrates the story of unsaid feelings and emotions. Though the series kept you giggling throughout, yet it left an ultimate deep sorrow. This drama will certainly leave you spellbound no matter how many times you watch it.

Dhoop Kinare – Best Pakistani Dramas of PTV

dhoop kinare

Hassena Moin and Sahira Kazmi, the duo of most acclaimed women of Pakistani TV industry created magic through their outstanding writing and direction skills respectively.
Dhoop Kinare aired in 1987 and became the most popular show of its time.

Set in a backdrop of a hospital, it is a story of two young doctors working together at a hospital in Karachi. The leads were played by Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi. They became the favourite on-screen couple of their time.
Be it the acting, direction, storyline, costumes or the humour, Dhoop Kinare is an epitome of perfection.

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Tanhaiyan – Top Pakistani Dramas of PTV


Are you looking for Top Pakistani dramas of PTV? Tanhaiyan is the story of two women, who are independent, strong headed, smart and intelligent. Zara and Sanya played by Shehnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan became the household names throughout the country.
Tanhaiyan was one of its kinds depicting two strong and smart business women ready to conquer the traditional world of men.

The play will always secure a place in the list of top Pakistani dramas of PTV. It won multiple awards and was aired a number of times. The play was such a huge success that it after 27 years, a sequel was made in 2012 with the name Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay.

Taleem e Balighan – Top Pakistani Dramas

taalem e baligaan

The political satire, Taleem e Balighan went on air in 1957. The play targets the political situation of the country which will leave you in hysterics.

The concept of the series plays around a classroom where a teacher tries to teach his stubborn middle aged students. The quick-witted responses of the students will make you go crazy.

This top rated comedy series is written by legendary Khwaja Moinuddin. The cast members include popular names like Mahmood Ali, Qazi Wajid, Qasim Jalali, Subhani Bayounus and Razia Sultana.
Taleem e Balighan is a timeless masterpiece that fits in the political scenario of all times.

Alpha Bravo Charlie – Top Dramas of PTV

Alpha Bravo Charlie

How can one skip Alpha Bravo Charlie while listing the top Pakistani Dramas of all time? It is one of the top Pakistani dramas of PTV.

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The name ABC needs no introduction. All three men in the characters of Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher were spectacular.

A tale of friendship, passion and patriotism, Shoaib Mansoor left the audiences overwhelmed with this production.
You can revive the magic of these timeless series anytime, at Vidpk. These 5 names are our top Pakistani dramas of PTV. Don’t forget to share your personal favourites with us in the comments section below.




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