Top Five Food Networks You Need to Follow

Top Five Food Networks You Need to Follow

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If you ask somebody from the culinary field, they will tell you that cooking is one of the most challenging tasks ever. It takes great skill and time to master this art and no one can call them a good without putting their backs into it. Back in the day, people with the passion of cooking had to grab a pen and a paper and glue themselves to a TV screen but in the fast paced lives of today, that seems to be near impossibility. That’s the time to go for Top five food networks you need to follow!

Thanks to internet and smartphones, we can now look up our favorite cooking recipes from wherever we like and whenever we like, only with the help of a few clicks. Here is a list of top five food networks that everyone who loves cooking should follow to stay in touch with the latest Pakistani food recipes and cooking tips.

Top Five Food Networks

Without further ado, let’s discuss in details;


Top Five Food Networks You Need to Follow

By the look of it, looks very much like a blog than a food website but it does incorporate a comprehensive cooking recipes section. One of the best features of the website is that the recipes have been classified and divided into different sections according their respective chefs, this makes it very time saving and easy for users to gain access to their favorite recipes from their desired chef. Hamariweb covers a wide range of dishes from Desi food to continental.


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Sooperchef is arguably the top rated food network of Pakistan. It has made quite a name during a small period of less than a year. The reason for its popularity is it’s easy to understand content and great quality videos that everyone can understand effortlessly. The complete recipe and preparation method are shown in a step by step. They have published 4k video guide that is one of the many unique features of this food portal. Sooperchef has free applications for both iOS and android named as “Pakistani Recipes in Urdu”that can be downloaded for free.

  1. Kfoods

While searching online cooking recipes, kfoods is worth mentioning as it is one of the most well-accepted and largest online food networks currently operating in Pakistan. Apart from providing Urdu and English recipes for Pakistani, Indian, continental and Turkish dishes, kfoods also facilitates its users with daily health and fitness tips, grocery rates and restaurant deals etc. In Pakistan; people, specially at dinner, loves to enjoy Pakistani Dramas with family members.


The last entrée n our list is, a website which is known for its great coverage of food recipes. They are providing Mongolian beef to American style pancakes for breakfast. Apart from incorporating all kinds of internationally admired food recipes, the website has a section solely dedicated to Pakistani and Indian recipes. All recipes are also known for its great quality pictures and comprehensive cooking details. These details will help its users attain perfection from.

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