Top 5 Pakistani Dramas With Feminist Themes

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Feminism is a term that has no proper definition up till now. Everyone has their own ideas about it and hence it’s difficult to describe it precisely. Anyhow, the general idea of feminism in our society associates with woman equality and power of women. The entertainment industry of Pakistan has produced not much on this issue. However, some of the great dramas of all the time have themed women as an independent and powerful unit of the society. We have selected top 5 Pakistani dramas to throw a light on feminist in our society.


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This was one of the blockbuster Pakistani dramas with an epic blend of emotions, problems of life and love. Sanam Saeed played the role of the leading lady Kashaf in the drama. Kashaf is shown as an incredibly strong determined, brave and resilient girl. The fact that her father married some other woman for the want of a son left Kashaf and her sisters all alone. This could also not stop Kashaf aiming for a prosperous life. Even though they were living hand to mouth, her mother (Samina Peerzada) worked hard so that her daughter could gain the education in a place where only the elite class of the city goes. Despite several hardships, Kashaf didn’t give up and she ultimately becomes a woman who has power and hence her financial conditions were also stabilized. Last but not the least she also got married to the handsome Zaroon (Fawad Khan). Other than the financial struggles, the outstanding character of Kashaf displays courage, modesty, and guts to stand in a male dominant society.

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Watch All Episodes of this Drama Serial on HUM TV

One of the HUM TV’s epic production was Udaari which recently got aired and received appreciation from all over the world. Although the drama dealt with the issue of child molestation, yet on a deeper level it had a feminist approach. We see Appa Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida ( Samiya Mumtaz), single mothers, who were strong enough to finance their kids all on themselves. Another character Meeran (Urwa Hocane) portrays much strength and power to women as her talent took her away from a small village to the top singer of the country. Then we see more of woman power when Sajida kills Imtiaz (Ahsan Khan) who raped her daughter Zebo and ran away with her. Lastly, the grown-up Zebo (Hina Altaf) became an epitome of woman power when she stood up in court and spoke for her rights openly and in front of everyone not fearing the gigantic idol of chauvinism of society


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Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful Pakistani dramas Dil Lagi is a story of hatred turned love between Anmol (Mehwish Hayat) and Mohid (Humayun Saeed). Anmool is shown as a girl who has taken the responsibility of her family which consists of her mother and her younger sister. After her father’s death, Anmol is not only earning for her family but is also a protection for her mother and sister. The character of Anmol in Dil Lagi has all of the strong characteristics that are usually attributed to men. From the very first episode, we see Anmol fighting with harassment that women in our society have to an on everyday basis. Series of events brought Mohid in contact with Anmol and he eventually fell in love with her.

Saba Hameed, the mother of Mohid, was reluctant to make Anmol her daughter in law but some somehow, Anmool married Mohid unwantedly and after that she displayed her woman power and ego even in Mohid’s house. On the other hand, Saba Hameed, the mother of Mohid is also shown as a very strong lady who is not letting her daughter go to her husband’s house because of some disputes she once had with her husband. The daughter also showed her woman power when she runs away and went to her husband, here again, Anmol helped her at each stage and that even caused some misunderstandings in Mohid’s heart for her.

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This was an epic drama aired on HUM TV is the greatest of all Pakistani dramas. It is about the life of a simple girl Fareeda (Saba Qamar) who belongs to the lower middle class and her family lived hand to mouth. In her family, the daughters are looked down upon and all that her parents wanted was to get them married as soon as possible.  But Fareeda was not an ordinary girl, she always believed in her dreams and her passion for writing made her write some stories for a digest by the pen name of Rashak e Hina.

Firstly, her parents and her aunt opposed the idea of her writing in a magazine but her parents were somehow got satisfied after she started making some money from writing career. She worked really hard and aspired to be a great digest writer of the country. Sadly she was not lucky enough in the beginning as she got married to an illiterate and conservative minded cousin of her Shaukat (Gohar Rasheed). This marriage was a decision of her father who wanted her to get married to his sister’s son but soon he regretted his decision. He soon found how his sister and her son were strict and had a very ill behavior towards Fareeda. After 8 years after a course of events, Fareeda again started her writing career and with her 3 kids and household works side by side and became top drama writer of the country.

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This Pakistani drama is still on air on HUM TV and is highlighting one of the least discussed and least highlighted issue that is of VANNI. This issue is still prevailing in interior Punjab and Sindh. Whereby, if someone murders anyone then the murderer is punished by marrying any girl of his family to any relative of the murdered one. In the drama, powerful and the richest man in the village, Chaudhary Rab Nawaz (Rehan Sheikh) has kidnapped Sammi and has forced her to marry him.Therefore the wife of Chaudhary Rab Nawaz asked her servant to send Sammi to somewhere else. That servant (Adnan Siddiqui) sends Sammi to his ex-lover Chandi (Sania Saeed) who is one of the strongest women in the play.

Chandani makes Sammi able enough so that she could support herself, but soon she throws Sammi out of her house because her son fell in love with Sammi. After that Sammi is again trapped by Chaudhary Rab Nawaz but then Chandi realizes her mistake and went to that village in the guise of an ordinary parlor lady to help Sammi. Another stronger role is of Naheed (Nadiya Afghan) in the drama who marries on her own will but her husband has died and is now a widow striving for her rights. Also, we can see that now Sammi is getting awareness of her rights and is about to file a case.

The most common characteristics of all these dramas are the power of women. It seems like Pakistani entertainment industry is trying to shift the public perspective of both women and men about the ‘Sinf-e-Nazuk’. These dramas have succeeded in portraying women as independent, powerful enough to overcome the obstacles from the society and especially men. It is undoubtedly true that women, when will something of real, can do ANYTHING to achieve what they aim at.




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