Top 5 Countries that Host the Most Pakistani Immigrants


Every year, some Pakistanis migrate to other countries to have a quality living. Some people switch to other nations to avail the job opportunities, some go for study purposes, others want to settle in these countries permanently.

People tend to move towards a country that can help lead a quality lifestyle with all its facilities that attract them. A person could move to another country for a bundle of reasons that could possibly be benefitting them as individuals or supporting their families financially; each of its own value and importance.

Furthermore, people could even move with their families to experience different cultures and understanding one’s perspective based on their norms and values.

Here we list the top 5 countries that host Pakistani immigrants.



The economically stable and developed country Canada is open to host Pakistani immigrants. Numerous government-sponsored immigration centres across the country help the newcomers to settle in an entirely different culture.

The immigration centres help to improve their English level skills. They also help them to avail the job opportunities available.

The Canadian government provides free public school education, financial support, health facilities and unemployment benefits to the migrants under various immigration programs.

Canadian citizenship also allows you to study visa free in 75 different countries. Hence, Canada has been the top choice of the families who are looking forward to give their children a quality education.

Australia is in the Top 5 Countries that Host Pakistani Immigrants

Top 5 Countries that Host Pakistani Immigrants

Australia is the country with the highest living standards. The employees in Australia get the highest salaries. This highly developed country has the most successful immigration plans.

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The most famous stream that intake thousands of people from across the globe is its skilled migration stream. Some skilled workers including Pakistanis, move to Australia under this stream.

Australian immigration department has introduces some other immigration programs that allow people to live, work and study in Australia.

Under various visa programs, Australia also provides permanent residency to the eligible candidates.

United States of America

Top 5 Countries that Host Pakistani Immigrants

The largest economy in the world, USA, has highest job and entrepreneurship opportunities. The highly developed businesses offer jobs to skilled and talented candidates around the globe.

With the extensive facilities in health, education, business and other sectors, US welcome the largest number of immigrants every year to work in various professions.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Do you know the United Kingdom has the 6th highest economy in the world?

The UK provides its citizens with the best quality education and high profile living style. High credit rating, highly developed infrastructure, reliable basic resources like water, gas and electricity, health care facilities, employment opportunities and well-equipped transportation services, UK has it all you want in your dream land.

The country has some of the best institutes that are recognized globally

The UK invites Pakistani immigrants under its various immigration policies. The government of UK has reconsidered their immigration policies over the period of time to strategically avoid the obstacles in providing the opportunities to deserving people. It is the best place to live, work and study.

New Zealand

Top 5 Countries that Host Pakistani Immigrants

Though New Zealand is a small country, it has all the necessary facilities one can think. The country has a quality living style. Being a renowned technology hub, New Zealand especially invites talented ICT experts from all over the world including Pakistan.

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The ever growing economy of the country cannot be handled by the low population. Therefore skilled immigration is the most famous migration stream in New Zealand. Also, the government is supporting the new entries in their entrepreneurship and other qualified ventures.

These were the top 5 countries that host Pakistani immigrants. Other than the above-mentioned countries, you can also apply for any country’s immigration. If you are interested in having a bright future out of Pakistan, then these five destinations certainly have to offer a great deal.




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