Tips to Get a Better Night Sleep


To survive the hectic day at work, it is necessary to get a better night sleep. Irregular sleep patterns make us struggle our way through the day. It also affects our health. To survive the day at work, we intake sugary snacks to boost our energy that we should be getting from sleep.

Here we present some simple tips that will help you to have a better night sleep that will eventually help you boost your energy levels to go through the day.

Relax after 6 PM

Better night Sleep

Our body needs to relax after 6 in the evening. Focus on being easy with yourself in the evening. With the sun going down, our brain speeds up the production of growth hormones. These play a vital role in restoring your body, building muscles and repairing damaged cells.

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The more you focus on being relaxed, the more growth hormone will be available to repair your body tonight.

Stay Away from Technology – Get a Better Night Sleep

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Turn off your cell phones, laptops and all other gadgets at night. Also, switch off the electronic devices. All such devices emit harmful light waves that interfere the melatonin production.

Melatonin is the sleepy hormone that helps you to sleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Go for loose clothing that is comfortable. You can’t possibly feel comfortable in the heavy jeans and tight pants. Tight clothes can affect melatonin production by 60% that isn’t good for a person’s health.

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Invest in Accessories

Spend money on accessories to get a better night’s sleep. Use blackout blinds, sleep masks and dim lights that are suitable to have a good sleep.

Melatonin can only be produced in the dark. It is better to black out the room when you go to bed. Disturbing the nature would affect your health otherwise.

Go to Bed Early

Good Night Sleep

To have a better night’s sleep, you must go to bed early. If you want to wake up young and energetic, get to bed by 10pm.

At 10 in the evening, your growth hormone production is at its peak, this is the best time to let your body recover from the day’s struggle.

Get Up Early

By 6 in the morning, your body is ready to work. It’s a great time to wake up and start your day. Your brain is done with the psychological repairs by this time.

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So get up early, rise and shine with the sun high in the sky.

Keep a Regular Sleep Pattern

‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’

This old school rhyme is actually true. Some people don’t get it and take it for granted or a part of curricula. But, this is never going to help you live a healthy and energetic life.

Whatever you follow in the above points, stick to it. Go to bed at least 15 minutes before so you can sleep by 10pm exactly and wake up at 6 am. Follow this sleep pattern from 10pm to 6am regularly. No cheats. And every daylight will bring more energy and enthusiasm as you will be psychologically ready for another day after resting your brain and your body.

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It will not only give you a good sleep but also keep your body fat low. Obesity is another type of body abnormalities and a sound sleep helps you bypass it.

These 7 tips are quite effective and keep you productive throughout the day. Follow these tips and you will observe a vivid change in your mental and physical health. it will also keep you disciplined and organized.

Stay healthy!




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