The Hunza Valley – Heaven on Earth


The Hunza Valley, also known as “heavenly valley”, is unlike any other tourist spot in Pakistan. With beautiful mountains, lush green forests, spectacular scenery, it’s hands-down one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Hunza is without a doubt “Heaven on Earth” not only for national but international tourists too. Each year thousands of Pakistanis along with foreign tourists visit Hunza to catch the glimpse of heavenly meadows.

Hunza is a mountainous valley in Gilgit-Baltistan & is situated in the Northern part of Pakistan close to China. It is approximately a 100km from Gilgit. Aliabad serves as the capital of Hunza which serves as the center for tourism activities as well as governmental setup.

the hunza valley

The valley is divided into 3 parts, Gojal valley, Lower Hunza & central Hunza which comprise of the Aliabad tehsil. Each of these subdivisions consists of numerous towns & valleys each with a significance of their own.

Climate – The Hunza Valley

Climatically, Hunza is a cold spot primarily due to its geographical position & scenery. In Hunza, summers are welcomed with a moderate temperature rather than a hot blazing sun like in many other parts of the country. In months of summer such as May, the maximum temperature can reach 26 degrees centigrade & a minimum of 10 degrees centigrade. Which in October falls to a maximum of 23 degrees centigrade & a minimum of 2 degrees centigrade.

hunza valley climate

Winters in Hunza are welcomed with heavy snowfall. This affects the tourism since the only highway; the Karakoram often gets blocked due to snowfall. It’s a hassle visiting Hunza in winters, extreme cold & blocked highway makes it nearly impossible for tourists to visit Hunza. Hence the best time to visit The Hunza Paradise should be from May to October which marks the peak of tourism.

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the hunza valley


The Hunza Valley is surrounded by heavenly landscapes, lush green forests & sparkling lakes. During spring, the valley is surrounded by blossom which brings about a new spectrum of colors to the valley. For many tourists in the past, the valley has served as a natural source of rehabilitation. The spectacular scenery eases the mind & soul and the quietness provides the peace of mind.

Living in big cities is no doubt comfortable but it’s only when you visit Northern areas of the country; Hunza in particular, you experience true peace & relaxation. In fact, the beauty of Hunza is so unmatched that the valley is believed to be a real life version of the mythical valley “Shangrila” in James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon” in 1933.

hunza valley

The Valley also houses one of the highest mountain peaks including Hunza Peak 6,270 meters, Rakaposhi 7,788 meters, Ultar Sar 7,388 meters, Bojahagur Duanasir II 7,329 meters, Ghenta Sar 7,090 meters, Hunza Peak 6,270 meters, Darmyani Peak 6,090 meters and Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak) 6,000 meters.

Hunza Valley Hotels

The Hunza valley houses hundreds of hotels but unlike any other hotel, the window of your bedroom opens to beautiful scenery, high peaks & incredible landscape. Some of the best Hunza Valley hotels are;

Hill Top Hotel Hunza Valley

hill top hotel

This hotel provides one of the most beautiful views of the valley as the name suggests. It was built in 1980 and is one of the most luxurious hotels of the valley situated in Karimabad. This hotel is a perfect blend of classic & modern. So If you want to enjoy 4-star utilities but with an old-school touch, this is the best place for you.

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Eagle’s Nest Hotel Hunza Valley

This hotel is a manifestation of nature, with the windows opening to beautiful mountains & forest, this hotel is the place to go. The hotel also provides accommodation to individuals as well as groups whether small or large. The hotel is built with wood & rocks to give a traditional & classy look with utilities such as a cafe, hot water & the internet available 24 hours.

New rooms & restaurant was built in 2005, the restaurant offers a wide range of local Pakistani delicacies. The specialty of the house includes cheese & walnut chappati seasoned with apricot oil. If you love food as much as nature, this is the place to go.

Hunza View Hotel


Hunza view hotel is among the most luxurious hotels in Hunza. The hotel contains 33 rooms out of which 10 are deluxe rooms & the remaining 23 are double rooms. But this hotel is just not for looks. The Hunza view hotel offers sightseeing too, the windows open up to the beautiful peaks of the Karakoram & other hills. The rooms are equipped with all the standard utilities so that you don’t miss out on something. The hotel, however, features both Continentals as well as local delicacies.

Other hotels include; “Hotel Hunza Embassy”, “PTDC motel Hunza”, “Darbar Hotel Hunza” & “Gulmit Continental Hotel”

Places to Visit in Hunza

if you’re planning to visit Hunza anytime soon, these are some of the best places to visit in Hunza you would want to visit to make the most out of your trip.


karimabad hunza

Karimabad is renowned for its culture & the humble nature of the natives, historically Karimabad had been an honorable capture for ancient rulers who took pride in ruling Karimabad. Small colonies, welcoming nature of the natives & the lifestyle makes Karimabad a must place to visit in Hunza.

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Rakaposhi & its viewpoint


On way back from Gilgit along the Karakoram Highway, there’s a point called Rakaposhi view point approximately an hour drive away from Gilgit. This point serves as the best place to gaze upon the beautiful Rakaposhi hills covered with snow making it a must place to visit in Hunza.

Altit Fort & Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort, hunza valley

Altit Fort is a wonderful attraction for the tourists. As soon as you enter, you’re welcomed by lush green grass & trees, orchards & garden of cherries. And in case you get tired of sightseeing all this beauty, there are cafes too to freshen you up.

The Baltit Fort is 750 years old & showcases the Tibetan and Balti architectural heritage & culture. Many traditional events are held at the fort. The fort is also open to tourists as a museum.

Attabad lake & its viewpoint

atabad lake Hunza

The 2010 landslide disaster caused two mountains to meet & totally block the Hunza river hence turning it into a beautiful sparkling Hunza lake. The lake is 29.3km long & originates from a village called Ganish.



Passu is a heavenly spot for tourists, often renowned as the most romantic place in Hunza valley. A hotel is also located known as Passu Inn, it offers delicious food that you’ll never forget. This place is a must visit.

Rush Lake

rush lake

This lake is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world with a height of more than 5000 meters. For Trekkers & mountaineers, Rush Lake is definitely one of the best places to visit in Hunza

The Hunza Valley is a must place to visit in your lifetime.





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