The Gun Markets of Pakistan Where Guns are Cheaper than Mobile Phones


It’s a fact that guns are cheaper than a mobile phone in the gun markets of Pakistan. You hear gunfire in the streets of Peshawar and Durra Adamkhel as a routine thing. If you visit these gun markets, you will see kids testing 9mm in the streets as if they are playing with toys.

How much does it cost to buy a gun a Darra, Pakistan?

Durra (or Darra) Adamkhel is located in the northwestern tribal zone. This place is one of the world’s largest market of illegal weapons. The gunsmiths in Darra village are experts at producing replicas of popular guns, which are then sold for as low as $30 for a 9mm pistol.

A Kalashnikov is sold for around $125 in Darra.

I’m sure this is the cheapest price you can get for guns in the world. If there could be cheaper guns around, it has to be the deep dark web [1].

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Are there any terrorists in Darra Adamkhel?

Darra is known for harboring terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists. Before the Army operation (Zarb-e-Azm), this place was thriving with Taliban and Al Qaeda activists. Some believe they are active in the area even today. Since manufacturing arms in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is legal, business in Darra thrived during the past few years of terror, war, and instability across the region.

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Is the government doing anything to stop guns in Darra?

You might believe that Obama ended the underground dark web gun markets but there are still a few of them out there selling weapons[2]. But don’t confuse these Pakistani weapon bazaars of Darra and Peshawar with Donald Trump winning the Presidency in the US [the gun markets in the US already taking a hit from Trump’s win]. The Pakistani government despite its efforts hasn’t been able to make a real change in how things are handled in Darra.

Our government recently ran an Army-supported operation to uproot terrorists from FATA – the weapon markets of Pakistan, including Darra. Their efforts have brought some results but without much conviction as terrorist attacks are a reality in Pakistan. The majority of these terrorists slip in the country from Afghanistan through Darra.

If reading about guns is getting on your nerves, it’s probably a good time to watch some romantic TV dramas. Pakistanis dramas, unlike guns, will leave you in a good mood. 

The government of Pakistan also tried to engage gunsmiths in Darra in government-owned ammunition factories but it didn’t work as the workers complained about low wages. The government, not ready to up the wages, failed to de-weaponise the area using such programs.

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The root cause is the tradition to carry a small weapon if you are living in Darra or anywhere in FATA. This produces enough demand for weapons in the area for gunsmiths in Darra to continue manufacturing weapons. Even if carrying a gun for self-defense is abolished, Darra will continue to export weapons to Afghanistan. The only way to make this gun market dysfunctional is to educate people and bring a cultural change.

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Can foreigners travel to Darra – the largest weapons market in Pakistan?

No, they can’t. The reason for disallowing foreigners to travel to this region is that the government can’t assure their security. Although tourists can travel via bus through the Darra but they are not encouraged to do so, especially without proper security protocol.

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Adam Khel Afridis are the major inhabitants of the region. They control the region and therefore control the manufacture and supply of arms. They are the major entrepreneurs of the gun markets of Pakistan.

Since ‘guns‘ and ‘gun control‘ are two major issues after the recent US election, the world is now looking at how to bring an end to guns. With places like Darra continuing to operate under the shadows, it feels safe to assume that gun control is still a huge issue, not only in the US but everywhere in the world.

Watch Documentary – The Gun Markets of Pakistan

Recently, a brave journalist entered Darra Adamkhel and shot a documentary film. As a tribute to his bravery, we recommend everyone watch this documentary. We got it on Vidpk for you. Watch it below.

1: http://www.nber.org/papers/w11737

2: https://www.deepdotweb.com/2016/01/12/do-people-really-buy-weapons-from-dark-web-markets/




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