The Best Stories 2016 – The Pakistani Stories That Will Live in the History

top stories of 2016

As the year is coming to its end, let’s have a look at the best stories 2016 which made this year more exciting. Each year there are certain events that create hype all over the country.Each story is different and has its own significance. They range from humor, irony, celebrity interviews, social media posts, comments, and travel accounts.

Based on all sorts of reactions, these are the topmost stories that were loved by Pakistanis in this year.

Woman who went on honeymoon without her husband-Most loved Stories

best stories 2016 pakistan girl honeymoon

A Pakistani woman went on honeymoon after his husband’s visa got rejected. She took humorous honeymoon pictures alone at different locations and amused the viewers.

This went on viral all over the news channels and social media. Many people posted this and left their sarcastic comments.

Here is the short review on this story and it’s our favorite from these Pakistani best stories 2016!

“We wish this couple all the best wishes and seeing the sense of humor we get an impression that they are going to have a lot of fun in their married life.Better trying Maldives or any other country that does not require visas. Maldives sure is beautiful too.”

“This shows how hard it is to be a Pakistani at this time when you have to go on a honeymoon without your husband.”

“This is the personal matter of their family that how they handle situations like this. It is not bad if the woman goes on a foreign trip with her in-laws. It just illustrates the maturity of her husband that he let her go on her own with his family to enjoy and be happy. After all, this is what is important, taking care of each other’s happiness even if your country does not give you the visa to go together.”

Qandeel Baloch-From a no-one to a celebrity of this year

Qandeel Baloch

Before this year, no one knew about this woman and in the same year, she got so famous that a biographic film is being released on her life. She made herself the biggest social media celebrity of 2016.

There are a series of stories linked to Qandeel Baloch.

At the start, she just took everyone’s attention through her foolish and dumb video clips and posts. People actually made fun of her. But her death in the name of ‘honor killings’ caused a great impact on everyone. She gave a competition to Pakistan’s top actresses like Meera in just a year.

Our reviews about the whole Qandeel Baloch story can be summarized as;

“We were not a Qandeel Baloch admirer but how can someone kill a woman for honor, and that to her own brother?It was quite shocking and unbelievable for everyone that a woman who had created such a hype yesterday got killed by her own brother the next morning. Although quite a number of Pakistanis were happy about this but such kind of issues will never let Pakistan move forward.”

“The issue with Pakistanis is that we view and see each video shared by Qandeel Baloch on her page just to make fun of her and to criticize. In this way, she got what she wanted to be famous, and people got a new subject to discuss. This shows the hypocrisy that is slowly being embedded in our society.”

“One easy saying we hear most often is that religion should be a private matter between a man and God, if this is so, then vulgarity should also be kept private instead of showing it off to the world.”

“An attention-seeker like Qandeel Baloch, would not have been this famous if people had not given her that much attention, even if they give just for criticizing her. She got what she wanted but in the end this is what led to her death.”

“People played an important role in all this according to our viewpoint. If she had not become this much famous for her vulgarity, his brother would not have killed her in the name of honor. She would have disappeared if people had not made her famous.”

“The other episode of Qandeel Baloch came, about her marriage and her son. This hit the emotional Pakistanis and the sarcastic ones too, creating a storm again on social media and news. Overall her whole story from the start of this year till her death gained much attention in the country.”

Different episodes on Qandeel Baloch have already been posted on our blog. Have a look at them to know more about her.

Swag of Sindh’s newly elected sports minister stuns everyone and makes it to the list of best stories 2016

Sardar M Mehar

28 year old,Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, Sindh’s new sports minister shocked everyone with his style and riches. He made his presence seen by everyone through his unique style and challenges to the sports ministers of other provinces.

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This is what we have to say about this Sardar-cum-minister.

“Bux Khan sure has a swag but being a sports minister he should do something for his country instead of posing and taking photographs with sporty cars.”

“Maybe he should be heading for being a fashion minister with his such immature behavior. Until now we don’t know about his knowledge of sports and his skills as a government official, but what we do know is his sense of fashion and style.”

“His dazzling poses are a sure way of catching everyone’s attention, which most of the celebrities do. He has found his way of getting attention. He was all over Facebook, Twitter with his interesting posts. Pakistani people also got what they always have wanted- to criticize others.”

We have already posted this in detail on our blog. Please visit the blog for additional information.

ShafqatAmanat Ali’s National Anthem at Eden Gardens

National Enthem

Twitter did not leave any chance to humiliate ShafqatAmanat Ali when his national anthem went out-of-tune at the T-20 final. It showed so much wrath and was merciless to Shafqat.

There were also people of two different thoughts on this issue; one, who thought that he made a huge mistake at the international platform in front of the whole world and the mighty national anthem got ridiculed. On the other hand, there were people who thought that he made a mistake as a he is a human being, and he should be forgiven for that.

This is why this story is a part of Pakistani best stories 2016.

”Amanat Ali made a mistake, maybe he did not memorize the national anthem as it should have been in his childhood. It showed a lack of patriotism and he should not have sung on such a big platform if he didn’t know the exact tune. An ordinary Pakistani could have sung better than him.”

“As a singer, being out of tune is highly non-professional.”

“Human beings make mistakes and people should show some tolerance in this matter.”

The reaction of Pakistanis hurt ShafqatAmanat Ali deeply. He said that it was an unfortunate experience and anyone could confront them in their life at some point. So, people should show some mercy.

However, the thing is, we were all criticizing him but 80% of Pakistanis would not know their correct anthem. But this is also seen that he made mistakes three times in the national anthem, which sure is difficult for Pakistanis to swallow.

So, the best thing which ShafqatAmanat Ali could do was to get an apology because ‘To err is human’, so the best thing is to regret and apologize.”

Cynthia D. Ritchie amazed everyone through her trip to Pakistan

American Tourist

“Does a person lose value if his arm has cancer? No. You rid the body of cancer & rehabilitate. So, too, a nation.” –Cynthia D. Ritchie.

The American Goodwill Ambassador, Cynthia D. Ritchie changed people’s perception through the questions and answers on Twitter. She did not settle on just taking pictures, captioning and posting them on social media. Instead, she engaged with people addressed their questions with her open heart. She won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis through her tweets.

Here’s what we have to say about this story.

“Each country has its negative and positive points. We have to be open-hearted to embrace each other as a nation and go for their positive points. Pakistan, which has especially been in focus due to all the negativity should also be acknowledged for its beauty once in a while.”

“This American lady opened her heart for Pakistan and let others know that this country is not only about what people see on their television sets, but it is a lot more than it.”

Cynthia let the world know about Pakistani culture and people. In her tweets, she mentioned the positive points of Pakistan like its natural beauty and open, kind-hearted, hospitable people.”

“We just hope that more and more foreigners visit Pakistan and get back with all the amazing memories like this lady and then let the world know about this. After all, this is what we need, open our hearts for the well-being of others.”

Tahir Shah’s “Angel”

Tahir Shah

This year Tahir Shah’s second “hit”, ‘Angel’ came out. Tahir Shah sure knows how to get the attention of Pakistanis. As a nation, good in criticism, Tahir Shah got his chance to get famous. After “Eye to Eye” we thought that nothing could be made any worse than that. But this singer proved us wrong by releasing the second song. But no matter how that was, it got viral all across the media.

Here are our views about this.

“Pakistan was facing tensions when Tahir Shah’s “Angel” got released. It lost in T-20 and some other terrorist acts were going on at that time. In such grief-causing moments for Pakistanis, Tahir Shah made people laugh while being all serious- this is a talent which very few people has got.”

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“Each scene in this song was no less than a shock and each gave a bigger shock than the previous one. It’s hard to understand that how can someone spend their money on such a project. Although it was good for the sarcastic nation like us, but still we are in shock that how anyone can go for such a song on a national level.”

Council of Islamic Ideology made “lightly beating” wives permissible

Islamic Council

Council of Islamic Ideology made “lightly beating” wives permissible

This was another news that gained much attention on all media forums when CII made lightly beating wives permissible in case they disobey their husbands. CII proposed its own women protection bill which met huge criticism and sarcasm response.

What we have to say about this is, “with all the explanations, this article is still quite satirical because one must learn to understand the other’s different opinion instead of going for the harsh ways. This shows the intolerant behavior of our society.”

“After this, husbands would now start thinking of beating their wives even if they weren’t thinking about this before.”

“All the explanations by CII on this article after seeing people’s reaction were quite amusing and hilarious. Some agreed to it and some were against it.In fact, most of the men were happy, but the women were strongly against it. Which ironically caused a difference in opinion in itself between husbands and wives.”

MawraHocane’sBollywood debut film – what critics had to say about it

Mawra Horcane

Image Source via

Mawra Hocane’s debut “Sanam Teri Kasam” met Indian critics. Some in her support and some against her. Many were of the view that she deserved a better launching pad than this movie.

Here’s our view on this from the most loved stories of this year!

“We thought that Indian critics were more generous. But it was just like they were criticizing Mawra more because of being a “Pakistani” instead of being an actress.”

“Mawra deserved a better debut film, as she is both; talented and beautiful actress. Although her acting was good but she was seen crying in most of the scenes that made her image more of a crying lady after that movie.”

But no matter what, you can’t please everyone and haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love.

Justin Trudeau unleashed his inner desi – loved by Pakistanis

justin trudeau

The new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has been one of the most loved foreign PM by Pakistanis. He has shown everything that Pakistanis love to see in a Prime Minister, from being kind and down-to-earth to being great in looks. He attracted Pakistanis through his way of dealing with his people and being lovable to Muslims. Social media was all praising him for what he is.

This is what we have to say about this.

“Justin Trudeau has got a great personality and with that, he has presented a very positive image of himself as a PM. Pakistanis could only wish for such a PM. His pictures of respecting Muslims for their culture, like during Ramadhan he sat with the Muslims in Canada and ate with them when they were breaking fast, respecting other values as well. All this created an impact on Pakistanis and they became his utmost fans.”

“Not only in his looks, his kind nature has won millions of hearts around the globe and especially Pakistanis as they found a lot in common with him. He sure knows how to enjoy life, instead of just speaking and making money like our politicians. We are so happy that Canada got a PM like him who is kind hearted, generous, down to earth, enjoys life and also one of the youngest PMs of the world.”

Reham Khan broke silence on rumors of her split with Imran Khan

reham and imran khan desput

As we all know Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s marriage lasted for 10 months. Reham Khan finally shared her views about her marriage, divorce and Imran Khan.

According to her, Imran Khan was more of a politician than a husband and all you can talk to him was about politics. As their marriage was a surprise to the nation, so was their divorce. As their marriage was fully covered on media, so does their divorce. People expected more and more footage about their divorce because their marriage had also received all that attention.

Everyone had a lot of questions to ask from Reham and Imran both, about their split. The news was all over media, in Facebook posts and on tweets. Everyone sharing their views on this matter.

Here’s what we have to say about this issue.

“For us, it was sad to know about Reham-Imran split up. We thought they made a great couple together. Whatever the reasons maybe, they have their own freedom and can do whatever they want in their lives.”

“People should not get too much involved in other people’s lives and focus on their own lives more. This will be better for people themselves instead of just speaking about others. It was sad for both of them and they shouldn’t be bombarded with the split-up related questions like they were.”

“Stop intervening in their personal lives, although it is an interesting thing to do, but still, it is unethical.”

“Blaming Reham or Imran according to one’s own perception is never a good thing to do because no one knows what the actual issues were. So we should just stop taking sides on this matter.”

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Doraemon- A threat to Pakistan


Indian animated series like Doraemon is indeed a threat to Pakistanis because it promotes an unethical culture. Children watching such series can get a negative influence of such cartoons. It is not at all wrong for PEMRA to ban this series.

Also, the promotion of wrong values through it is invisible to people. Parents have to be careful if their children watch television and should keep the away from bad influences.

Here’s what we have to say about this.

“The critics would say that this is a good example of double standards, one can watch Hindi movies but not Hindi cartoons. But the cartoons have impacts on children’s mind. They can have a negative/positive influence on them.”

“Why only Doraemon banned? Other cartoons are no less than a waste of time and have bad standards.”

“Disney movies like tom n jerry, dexter,Donald duck and others do not show content like these Hindi cartoons. We grew up watching these Disney series and nothing happens to us. But it is also important to mention that if the government wants their children to stop watching such cartoons and play outside their houses, then they must first provide a safe environment to them. This is their first and foremost duty as a governing authority.”

SharmeenObaid – Oscar-winning Pakistani

Pakistani Women Oscar award Winner

The director of “A Girl in the River”, Sharmeen Obaid, made Pakistan proud by winning Oscar for the second time.Honor killing sure is a grave matter in Pakistan and she focused this documentary on this to educate more and more people about it.

It follows the life of an 18-year-old survivor of honor killing.It swept away the emotional people and who were against honor killings. It also made people aware of this issue which most of the people did not know about.

This is what we have to say about it.

“SharmeenObaid has made us proud on her achievement and that too in such an inspiring way. More and more writers should give importance to issues around them to educate people and try to stop the wrong happening in the society through their powerful writings/movies. We wish her all the luck and she got paid for all her hard work in the form of Oscar.”

“It is difficult to decide that whether we should be glad about her win or to be sad about this issue of honor killings that has taken a lot of lives and destroyed the lives of many.”

Mufti Qavi got suspended –Qandeel Baloch and Mufti in selfies

The selfies of Mufti Qavi and Qandeel Baloch together got viral all over the media.Mufti Sahab got suspended after they went viral as they were not at all acceptable to the society. Although Mufti Qavi has said a lot for himself but ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

This is what we have to say about this issue.

“It might be a publicity stunt by Qandeel Baloch which led to the end of a Mufti’s career. But being a Mufti, he should be more careful about his acts. His actions were impermissible on all grounds. It was good to suspend him from.”

“After Qandeel’s death as well, Mufti Qavi did everything he could to support Qandeel Baloch and took a stance against his killer. People have really got a chance to talk about the religion after this whole act of Mufti and Qandeel Baloch.”

“The haters were enjoying that they got something negative to talk about religion and its teachings through this. But it was a matter of a single man, not the whole religion and nowhere in our religion we are taught about this. So stop targeting the religion on this matter. This was bad on the part of a Mufti, though.”

Bin Roye – Novel, Movie, and Drama

watch drama Bin roye

Bin Roye has got much attention by the movie/drama lovers. FarhatIshtiaq’s novel, ‘Bin RoyeAansu’ is depicted by an amazing cast on the big screen and small screen.

While shooting the movie ‘Bin Roye’, which is one of the best-ranked movies in Pakistani cinema, the director also made a drama with the title ‘Bin RoyeAansu’. This novel has an amazing storyline. The movie got a great response and so are the expectations from the drama as well.

We have a blog post related to the drama ‘Bin RoyeAansu’ which is going to be aired on television in a short while.

Watch Bin Roye on Vidpk

Read Review of Drama Bin Roye

Drama Bin Roye channel on Vidpk – [All HD Episodes]

Here’s what we have to say about this.

“FarhatIshtiaq is a great novelist and is doing great in her productions. Her novels, earlier too, have given great response by the viewers. The mesmerizing stories keep the audiences stick to their television sets.”

“We are all waiting anxiously for the drama ‘Bin RoyeAansu’ after a big hit of the film of this novel.”

“The director has mentioned that the story is slightly changed from the novel but it has a great cast of Mahira Khan, Armeena Rana Khan and dashing Humayun Saeed. Everyone is quite hopeful about this project.”




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