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Mahira Khan Among the so many female VJs seen on different music channels of Pakistan. Mahira Khan is definitely one name that has made a solid ground for herself in the shortest span of time. Full of energy vibrant and ever friendly. Mahira has all it takes to be a VJ and appears to be a total natural in front of the camera. Born on December 21.
Mahira did her O Levels from Foundation Public School and later on moved to US for graduation.She came to Pakistan and grabbed an internship in marketing at Indus TV Network and in came the destiny. Ghazanfar Ali saw the talent and spark in her and convinced her to do a program as a VJ and Mahira started off with MTV Pakistan.
Her spontaneous nature and the friendly interaction with the masses developed an instant likeness for her and her popularity increased by manifolds. Mahira then moved to Aag channel and also tried her hand as an RJ. She has also done some advertisements and her latest venture is Shoaib Mansoor upcoming film Bol in which she has acted along with the pop artist Atif Aslam. Mahira is married and has a baby boy.

Mahira Khan is the most famous and phenomenal Pakistani actress and model. The diva started off as a VJ and then transformed into an actress. In a very short span of time, Mahira Khan has reached the heights of the sky. She is a must-have for silver screen and dramas too. Mahira Khan made her movie debut opposite Atif Aslam in a movie Bol in 2011. The actress appeared for the first time on small screen drama Humsafar on HUM TV.

Humsafar and BOL proved to be a blessing for the actress. Mahira’s exceptional acting skills in these both brought her in the lime light. Since then, the actress appeared in many dramas and some exceptional films. We all love her exceptional acting, dialogue delivery, expressions, and dressing sense.

Here are some films Mahira Khan has appeared in.

Mahira Khan Films:

Up till now, Mahira Khan has done a total of four films in a leading role. Three of these are Pakistani while one is an Indian movie. Apart from these 4 there are several films in which Mahira Khan can be seen in a guest appearance.

Have a look at Mahira Khan’s movies and her respective roles in those.


Bol is one of those very few films that every Pakistani loves. The social issues a family faces in terms of finance and the number of children are addressed by the film.

Bol Movie Picture

The actual protagonist in the movie is Zainub (Humaima Malik). Zainub killed her father and is getting the hanging punishment. She tells her story to the media before being hanged. She tells that she has 6 other sisters and a transgender sibling too. Her father was a Molvi and he hated his wife and daughters. Zainub’s family was suffering from a lot of issues. Her neighbor, Mustafa (Atif Aslam) was a good person and he helped them many times.

Zainub’s younger sister named Ayesha (Mahira Khan) fell in love with Mustafa. Ayesha’s father decided to get her married to a man who was not at all suitable for her. Zainub secretly gets Ayesha married to Mustafa and helps them in escape. Mahira Khan’s acting in the movie is beyond exceptional. It must be admitted that she really dazzles on screen with Atif Aslam.

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Bin Roye:

Bin Roye is a recent famous Pakistani romantic movie. The film casts Mahira Khan along with Humayun Saeed and Armeena Rana Khan as the main leads.

Bin Roye Movie Picture

Mahira Khan has played the role of Saba in this movie. Saba is somehow stubborn and childish girl who has a heart of gold. Saba one sidedly loves her Cousin Irtiza (Humayun Saeed). Irtiza adores Saba and tries to fulfill every wish of her. Still, he has no feelings of love for Saba. Irtiza leaves for higher studies and lives in U.S for two years.

In U.S, Irtiza falls in love with their Cousin Saman (Armeena Rana). Saman is actually Saba’s elder sister but was given to her aunt and uncle as they had no kids. Saman’s foster parents die and Irtiza brings her to Pakistan. Here, Saman gets married to Irtiza. Saba unhappily accepts this all. After some years, Saman and Irtiza visit Pakistan with their son Maaz. Saman gets hit by a car and dies. After Saman’s death, some circumstances make the marriage of Saba possible with Irtiza. They both move abroad.

Saba remains reluctant towards Irtiza and ignores him. After sometimes, she accepts him and they both start to live a happy life.

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Ho Mann Jahan:

This film is a story of three close friends and their different experiences due to the different kinds of lives they live.

Ho mann jahaan Picture

These three friends are Manizeh (Mahira Khan), Arhan (Sheheryar Munawar), and Nadir (Adeel Husain). Manizeh and Nadir are in love. They belong to the stable families and are brilliant students. All three friends are quite passionate for music. Arhan is financially a weak guy from a middle class family. He is not much active in studies as well. This film shows all the problems and experiences of these three in their lives.

The film takes major turn when Arhan makes things complicated by creating misunderstanding between Munizeh and Nadir. Arhan portrays the character of a self-driven, opportunist guy who has nothing in his life except his passion of music. Things get out of hand causing Muinzeh and Nadir break up. However, Arhan realizes his mistake soon and clear things up between the love birds. The film has a happy ending as it should be.

The film also shows how they work for their musical passion along with studies despite the opposition from Nadir’s family.

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Raees marks the Bollywood debut of Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan can be seen alongside the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan in Raees. Raees is an action and crime movie. Mahira Khan has played the role of Aasiya and Shahrukh Khan is Raees in this movie.

Raees Movie Picture

The film depicts the life of illegal trader Raees. He is in a criminal act of illegal liquor trade. Besides, he also works for a smuggler Jairaj. He loves a girl names Aasiya who loves him back. Both get married easily. Raees is a criminal but still he has a golden heart. He believes that every occupation is good, and no religion is greater than any occupation till it does not cause any harm to anyone.

The film tells the struggles of Raees in this illegal business. He parts ways with Jairaj and he becomes his rival. After that he starts working with another man named Musa bhai. After sometime, an honest officer named Majmudar (Nawzudin Siddiqui) starts a crackdown against drug dealers. Raees keeps preventing that officer and carries on his trade. Jairaj also tries to kill Raees. Musa tells this to Raees and he kills Jairaj. Majmudar gets transferred to somewhere else. Gujrat’s minister helps Raees and his life becomes easy. He also helps the local community and gains their love.

Meanwhile, Aasiya gives birth to a baby boy. Raees is asked by the minister to construct a housing project. During this, he gets jailed. Majmudar is also constantly looking over him. Raees’ business suffers a lot while he was in jail. He stands in election in jail and wins. Then Raees comes out of the jail and plans his housing society. But Majmudar again comes to his area as a crime officer. An insurrection breaks out in the country. Raees gets finically very unstable.  Musa helps Raees by smuggling gold for him.

Then 5 blasts took place in India. It gets revealed that the gold Raees smuggled was RDX instead. This shatters Raees and his trust in Musa.  Raees kills Musa and surrenders. Majmudar takes Raees in isolation and kills him. This leaves Aasiya as a widowed woman with a baby boy.

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Guest Appearances of Mahira Khan in movies:


Manto Movie Picture

Manto is an epic Pakistani movie on the life of late short story writer Saadat Hassan Manto. Mahira Khan appears in this movie in a guest role. She can be seen in the song Kya Hoga as Madaran. In this song, there is Azfar Rehman along with Mahira. Azfar is also a guest cast in the movie.

Actor in Law:

Mahira can also be seen in Actor in Law. In this movie she has made a cameo as Mahira Khan herself.

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Upcoming movies of Mahira khan:

Mahira Khan Upcoming Movies

There are some movies of Mahira Khan that are still in filming pipeline. These are as follows:

Dramas of Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan has played the lead role in many famous dramas. Have a look at these dramas here:


Humsafar is the drama that singlehandedly brought Mahira Khan to the heights of success. Mahira Khan played the role of Khirad alongside Fawad Khan in the drama. Fawad Khan acted as Ashar in the drama. Khirad belongs to a middle class family. She lives with her mother Maimona (Saba Faisal).

Maimona’s brother Baseerat Hussain (Behroze Sabzwari) is a very rich man with a good heart. He lives with his wife Farida (Atiqa Odho) and Ashar is their only child. Maimona catches cancer and asks her brother to help her in arranging Khirad’s marriage. Baseerat decides to get Khirad married to Ashar. Fareeda do not like Khirad and don’t want this marriage to take place. She wants her son to marry another cousin of him named Sara (Naveen Waqar).

Humsafar Drama

Ashar reluctantly marries Khirad. After this, Maimona dies. Khirad and Ashar feel uncomfortable with each other. Khirad also feels that her self-respect is lost by marrying a man superior to her. Sara also tries to attempt a suicide because she loved Ashar. As the time passes, the couple develops feelings for each other. Sara humiliates Khirad whenever she meets her. Baseerat falls ill and dies. After that, Khirad joins a university. Here, she befriends Sara’s cousin Khizar. Khizar likes Sara very much. Sara asks him to create misunderstandings between Khirad and Ashar and he does this very well.

Fareeda also joins Sara in this act. Meanwhile, Khirad becomes pregnant but Fareeda accuses that this child is not Ashar’s. Ashar believes in all this and Fareeda exiles Khirad from her house. Khirad goes on to stay with an aunt of her. She gives birth to a baby girl and names her Hareem. During all that time Ahsar and Khiraad remain in no contact. After four years, she gies back to Ashar and asks for financial help for Hareem’s heart surgery. Ashar agrees to help and again develops feelings for Khirad. Khizar also appears on the scene and asks Sara to marry him. Sara refuses to this.

Meanwhile, Hareem recovers and Ashar tries to reconcile with his wife. Sara and her mother accuse Fareeda for ruining Sara’s life too. Ashar also hears a conversation between Fareeda and Khizar. Ashar gets to know about everything and confront that Fareeda has ruined his life. At this, Fareeda loses her saneness. Ashar and Khirad start to live a happy life with their daughter.

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Shehr-e-Zaat is a spiritual and romantic story based on a novel of the same name. The drama casts Mahira Khan in the main lead as Falak. Meekal Hassan also appears alongside Mahira as Salman.

Other main characters include

Falak is a day dreamer girl who belongs to the elite class of the society. She is the only child and her parents fulfill all of her wishes. She studies in a fine arts college. Falak is a very proud and contemptuous girl who disrespects poor.

Shehr-e-Zaat Drama

She makes a sculpture of an imaginary man and falls in love with it. Her life takes a new and lovely turn when she meets Salman who is exactly like that sculpture. Falak is proud of her wealth and beauty and feels that Salman will fall in love with her. This happens exactly as she thinks and Salman proposes her for marriage.

Falak marries him and remains the same immature and proud girl. After some time of her marriage, she finds out that Salman is having an affair with his secretary Tabinda. She shouts and cries in front of Salman. She asks him to leave that girl but Salman refuses to do so. She thinks that Tabinda might be even prettier than her. Therefore, Salman has fallen for her. In anger and despise, Falak decides that she will throw acid and will ruin Tabinda’s face.

When she goes to Salman’s office to meet Tabinda she finds out that she is an ordinary girl. She receives a great shock and returns. Falak dwells in depressions and her mother decides to take her back to their home. Falak’s life and behavior changes entirely after this incident. She starts to get close to her grandmother who teaches her the true meaning of life. She starts to feel that all the wealth they inhabit is useless.

She also starts to love poor. She helps the family of a beggar child after he is dead. In short, she no more remains the old Falak. Salman, on the other hand, marries Tabinda. Tabinda deceives him and runs away with all his money. After some time, Falak returns to Salman’s house. The drama ends with Falak teaching her daughter to make small sculptures living a contended life.

Sadqay Tumhare:

The drama Sadqay Tumharay is an exceptional story of love, relationships, hatred, and emotions. The drama tells the story of a girl Shaano (Mahira Khan) who is engaged since birth to a guy named Khalil (Adnan Malik).

Other people in the dramas includes

Shaano is a very simple girl who loves her fiancé. She has not met Khalil since ages. Khalil, on the other hand, is very proud of himself. They both know about this engagement very well. At a family wedding, they both meet each other in their village. There, Khalil falls in admiration of Shaano’s beauty

Sadqay Tumharay Drama

Khalil’s parents ask for marriage but Shaano’s parents refuse. This does not bother Khalil at all. Khalil keeps on visiting Shaano. He also gets beaten by Shaano’s cousin Fayaz because her parents are planning to marry her to Fayaz. It is later revealed that Shaano’s mother, Rasheeda, never wanted this marriage to take place at all. She promised for Shaano’s hand in order to revenge Khalil’s mother who is actually her sister.

Actually Rasheeda used to love Khalil’s father Abdul Rahman. Due to some reasons Khalil’s mother Inayat got divorced. After that, she got married to Abdul Rahman. Rasheeda waited too long for this time. She did not let this marriage happen. She instead gets her daughter married to some random guy. Shaano dies after giving birth to a son. The drama ends on a sad note where Khalil attends Shaano’s funeral upon the insistence of his own wife.

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Bin Roye:

Bin Roye drama is the drama representation of the film of same name. The cast, story, settings, and even the dialogues of the both are totally same.

The drama casts

Other than some extra scenes, nothing is new in the drama. Everything is same as it is in the movie.

Bin Roye Drama

Other than dramas and movies, Mahira Khan has also hosted some shows like TUC the lighter Side of life, HUM TV Award shows, and LUC style awards too. She has also done some Shoots for famous Clothing brands like Sana Safinaz and Pepe Jeans Pakistan. We can say it without a doubt that Mahira Khan is a complete Package to the industry and definitely a gem to keep.

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