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Kosem Sultan Season 2 On Urdu1
Kosem Sultan 2 is a drama with Turkish origin. The drama Kosem sultan season 2 is a sequel to Kosem Sultan 1. The drama has recently started to be aired on Urdu 1 in Urdu dubbing. There are a total of 30 of episodes in season 2 of Kosem Sultan.

For the very first time, the drama got aired in Turkey on 12th November, 2015. The channel which aired this drama in turkey it was on Star TV and FOX channel. The drama ended on 27th June, 2017. Now in Pakistan, the drama has just recently started. You can watch all the episodes of Kosem Sultan on VidPk.

The original name of this drama in Turkish is Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem 2. It translates in English as the The Magnificent Century: Kosem.

Other than Pakistan and Turkey, the drama has been telecasted in many other countries. These include India, Chile, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Hungary, Iran, Russia, Romania, and also in Arab World,

The Team Behind This Project

The exceptional and amazing Kosem Sultan season 2 is a venture of Tims Production. The writers of this drama are Yilmaz sahin, ozen Yula ,Nuket Bicakci, and Sevgi Yilmaz.

The team behind this project

The directors of Kosem Sultan season 2 are the major names of Turkish Industry like

  • M. Çağatay Tosun
  • Mert Baykal
  • Yağız Alp Akaydın
  • Zeynep Günay Tan
  • Deniz Koloş.

With such exceptional names behind it, the drama Kosem Sultan surely has to be this much amazing and great.

Cast Kosem Sultan Season 2 Drama

The drama casts some of the very finest and well known faces from Turkish industry. Nurgul Yesilcay, Beren Saat, and Anastasia  Tsilimpiou portray the different stages of the life of Mahpeykar Kosem Sultan.

Apart from these,

Plot of the Kosem Sultan

The drama Kosem Sultan is a true story from ancient Ottoman empire . The story revolves around the life of a slave girl named Mahpeykar Kosem Sultan. The girl was captured and somehow brought to the palace of Sultan Ahmed. Here she spent rest of her life.

She married the Sultan after coming to the palace. Within a short period of time, that girl became the most powerful woman in the history of Ottoman Empire.

Story of the Drama Kosem Sultan, Season 2

The season two starts with a military unrest. This military unrest causes the troubles between Kosem and her son Sultan Murad.

Meanwhile, the love attraction between Hungarian princess and Sultan Murad initiates too. Season 2 encounters all the issues the family of Sultan faces in terms of power and relationships.

Story of the drama Kosem Sultan, season 2:

The issues Sultan is facing include his strained relationship with his sister. The cut off between these siblings and their mother. Sultan is also set to face the challenges that are caused by Gul Bahar. Also, his step mom, who is long disguised with Kosem is creating troubles for him too.

During all these family issues, the other princes’ and infidels’ agendas remain unknown and anti-Ottoman sentiments and plans resurface in the West.

Public Reaction Towards the Drama

Although both season of Kosem Sultan are highly appreciated where ever they are telecasted. But season 2 has been able to attract much more audience than season 1. It is observed that some people who had not watched season 1 of this drama, were forced to do so. It is because the season two demanded it from them to do so.

In Pakistan, the drama was highly waited by fans. As soon as the first episode got on air, people became extremely happy.

The drama is in true sense a very perfect one. From the cast to the script and settings, everything is perfect. The amazing dialogues and their perfect delivery is something to be appreciated too.

Public Reaction Towards the Drama

The intense scenarios and serious acting also make Kosem Sultan 2 worth a watch. The drama is sure to give you all the feels from ottoman Era. If you have not watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Vid Pk has almost all the latest episodes of it covered, so start streaming right now.

We bet that you will not regret it.


Watch Kosem Sultan Drama On VIDPK

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