"Aamir Qureshi"

Aamir Qureshi Actor

Although his career as a drama writer and actor does not span over a long period of time, Aamir Qureshi has managed to make the most out of his talents both as a drama writer and actor. What also gives him an edge is the fact that while many people find comedy a tough genre to work on, he chose to get a start as a comedy writer and actor.
Recently, his comedy drama serial ‘Dolly Aunty Ka Dream Villa’ has made waves among the TV audiences. Not only does the drama showcase his talents as a playwright but he also plays a prominent role in it. The best thing about the drama serial is the fact that it has made an effort to incorporate the best small screen actors from both India and Pakistan with the likes of veteran actors such as Farida Jalal and Talat Hussain.
Directed by Aabis Raza, the drama also stars Jana Malik, Omer Essa Khan and Ayaz Ahmed and was aired on Geo TV. With its unique story and spot on scripting, the sitcom became very popular among the viewers.


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