Canadian-Pakistani Comedian Zaid Ali Gets Married

Zaid Ali

Canadian Pakistani comedian and social media star Zaid Ali has tied the knot. Zaid has personally confirmed this news on his Facebook.

Zaid Ali


Who doesn’t know Zaid Ali T? All the Pakistanis no matter which corner of the world they reside in, have heard this name. This Pakistani-Canadian started off making comedy YouTube short videos. And later on, these videos started popping in every Pakistani Facebook page as well as numerous other sites. He has more than 4 million likes on Facebook which pretty much is half of Pakistani youth.

Zaid Ali’s acting skills not only left us rolling on the floor laughing, literally, but even Hollywood couldn’t stay behind. On January 7th, 2017 he posted this on Facebook:

“Today is a very huge day for me. Today, I was offered a role in a Hollywood movie. Yes, a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, I had to say “no” to the role because there was a kissing scene in the movie. And I could never imagine myself doing something like that. Now you might be wondering, why am I telling you this. Well, ever since I started making videos, I told myself I would never sell myself out. Or do anything that I don’t believe in no matter how much money or fame it could offer me. Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings. And it shows that you have achieved something in your life. Insh’Allah there’s something better written for me, maybe not. But I am very happy with my decision.”

How Fans Reacted On Zaid Ali’s Marriage


Moreover, a few days ago, Zaid Ali shared the happy news of his marriage with his fans. Some of the reaction of the fans were of congratulating him. Mostly from the guys, he received many wishes and prayers for his happy life ahead. While others, as we can expect any prank from a comedy you-tuber, thought he was trolling them. A fan wrote

“ Zaid Ali is talking about his marriage. I swear to Allah, I still think it’s a prank. Best of luck, have a happily married life.”

Zaid Ali has recently shared his picture of him in his wedding. Now we believe that it definitely is a true news. Now we are just impatiently waiting to see his bride!




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