Sharmeen Obaid Once Again Aims To Make Pakistan Proud


Sharmeen Obaid‘s upcoming exhibition will allow us to relive the days of partitioning of Pakistan from India.

Generations that have come after the independence of Pakistan have only heard about the partitioning of Pakistan from India through history books. Sharmeen Obaid, the two-time Academy Award winner, is all set to change the perspective of partitioning with her latest upcoming exhibition. Sharmeen Obaid will premiere her exhibition at the Manchester International Festival. She’ll also be the first Pakistani to ever premiere a film at MIF.

The Exhibition

The exhibition is aimed to provide a real-life experience of the partitioning of Pakistan from India from people that have actually witnessed and experienced it instead of some writer’s column or a historian’s publishing. The exhibition also encompasses stories of people that left their well-set lives and migrated towards a country they called “home”. Talking to the press  Sharmeen Obaid quoted:

“I grew up listening to my grandparents’ stories about the childhood homes they left behind. The friendships they longed to rekindle, the mango trees under which they played,” Home 1947 is my ode to that generation.”

According to Sharmeen Obaid, the exhibition “Home 1947” is a tribute to the brave men that won us Pakistan and those who left everything behind for the sake of home. The exhibition will also include historical stories, images of migration, short documentaries, and video clips. Moreover, the exhibition is also said to include historical material for the surreal experience of viewers.

Sharmeen Obaid’s exhibition; Home 1947 will be featured at the Manchester International Festival from 1st July to 9th July. The exhibition will also include the refugees’ stories of the 1947 partitioning illustrated through stories and documentaries.

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Manchester International Festival

 The first ever MIF festival was hosted in 2007. The festival allows artists of all types from around the world to feature their masterpieces, be it music, theater or film. Art is highly welcomed at the MIF. Since it’s inception in 2005, Manchester International Festival is held after every 2 years. Sharmeen Obaid’s “Home 1947” will be the first Pakistani exhibition to feature this year at the MIF.

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