Shafqat Amanat Disappoints Nation With His National Anthem Performance Before India Vs Pakistani Match

shafqat singing pakistani anthem before the match

It’s a great honor to perform national anthem, especially when the occasion is as massive as an India Vs Pakistan World Cup match. Since the match was being held in India, fans expected Shafqat to slay the anthem and make it a memorable performance. After all, you don’t get chances to echo your anthem in your enemy’s territory every day. If you get a chance, you have to make most of it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as a lot of fans thought Shafqat let them down.

Due to his poor performance, fans were unhappy and started criticizing the singer on social media. It looked as if Shafqat had forgotten lyrics of Pakistani anthem or probably just didn’t rehearse enough, as was the story of poor Pakistani cricket team that followed after Shafqat and handed away an easy win to India.

Shafqat, talking about his performance in Kolkata and responding to criticism on Twitter, blamed audio and other technical issues that made the lyrics sound strange. He then apologized to fans accepting that he wasn’t able to win hearts this time with his performance.

He then went on to explain that he had definitely not forgotten the anthem. He told his fans that a lot of people came to him after his performance in Kolkata to tell him that he delivered a good performance. Had he forgotten the lyrics, how would so many people listening it live would not take notice? He was very disappointed with his fans who thought he had actually forgotten the lyrics.

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Listen to the anthem once again below and see if you can spot what went wrong…




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