Sehri Party at Humayun Saeed’s Place – Selfies of Showbiz Stars Released


Sehri party at Humayun Saeed’s place was arranged by him and his wife Sameena Humayun earlier today.


With the arrival of Ramadan, Sehri parties and iftar parties are arranged all our the Muslim world. In Pakistan, this trend is also very much popular and these Sehri and Iftar parties are arranged at almost every home in the country. Our celebrities are also not behind anyone else in following this trend and hence, following this trend, a Sehri party at Humayun Saeed’s place was arranged. The Sehri party was accompanied by so many selfies which were released by the celebrities on their social media accounts.

Celebrities like Saba Hameed, Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, Kubra Khan, Ayesha Khan, Aiman Khan, and Muneeb Butt were present in this Sehri party at Humayun Saeed’s place. The Selfies showed that along with the good food, the celebrities also enjoyed each other’s company as well.

Sehri Parties: A Trend In Our Showbiz Industry


Sehri party at Humayun Saeed’s place is not the first Sehri party that was arranged by any of our showbiz stars. Before this, a grand iftar party was arranged at fashion designer Nomi Ansari’s place which was all white themed. It was perhaps one of the biggest and most happening of all the iftar parties that took place last year and almost every celebrity attended it. A lot of pictures were released. Sometimes, these iftars and Sehri parties are criticized by the people because they think that these parties and gatherings steal the true spirit of Ramadan from the people and they are more like a show-off and an unnecessary expenditure of money. Despite criticism, these parties are arranged each year with more zest and fervor by the celebrities.

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