Scandal Queen, Qandeel Baloch Finally Admits Her Marriage

qandeel baloch

Scandal Queen, Qandeel Baloch Finally Admits Her Marriage

Upcoming scandal queen has admitted that she was once married to a guy from Kot Addu.

Ashiq Hussain from Kott Adu is the husband of Qandeel Baloch. They had a kid together before separating.

Qandeel Baloch Killed by Her Younger Brother in Multan

Qandeel Baloch told the media that she was 18 when her parents forced her into this marriage with Ashiq Hussain. Soon after the marriage, they had a kid. However, the marriage didn’t last long as Qandeel wanted to separate her ways from her husband who wouldn’t let her go out and beat her at times.

She married so that she could continue her studies, as claimed by her while talking to the media. She told her fans that she had no option but to end the marriage as her husband won’t let her visit neighbors, her brother, and other family members, and wanted her to stay at home at all the times.

Qandeel Baloch has indicated her concern over people getting so excited about her life. She isn’t sure why people want to dig out her history. Nevertheless, this news that she had a marriage is going to go viral whether she likes it or not.

Check the picture above of Qandeel Baloch with her husband.




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