Sarmad Says “Mahira is Madhuri of Pakistan”



Sarmad Says “Mahira is Madhuri of Pakistan”

Sarmad Sultan Khosat is one of the successful directors and actors. Everyone comes to know his talent after watching his tremendous projects, Drama serial “Humsafar” and a film “Manto”.

Recently in his interview to BBC he told some interesting facts, he said Mahira and Fawad get as much famous after a successful serial Humsafar  that he can’t afford to travel with Humsafar couple. Their fans get around them and ignored me like I feel that I am not a part of this world.

Moreover, he said that The film “Manto” is made by chance as he was loaning a serial. He shared his views about “Moor Mahal” as this serial is not much successful.  When asked him Sarmad said that Mahira Khan is Madhuri of Pakistan.

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