Sarfraz Discloses Secret Behind Improved Pakistani Fielding Against South Africa in Champions Trophy 2017


 Pakistan surprised fans all over the globe with a shocking win against the world’s number one team in ODI rankings. Fans and supporters around the globe witnessed an improved Pakistani fielding against South Africa. Talking to media, Captain of Pakistani team Sarfaraz reveals the secret behind this improved Pakistani fielding against South Africa.


According to the captain,

The home crowd had a huge impact on the game. Chants of “Pakistan Zindabad” motivated the players and boosted their morale to bag a win against South Africa

The stadium was filled with more than 16,000 Pakistani fans chanting and supporting their home team. This helped players to keep their head in the game and play well against South Africa despite a wounded defeat by the Indians. Talking about the team’s performance, Sarfraz mentioned,“I think the difference was our bowling and fielding”

Which is true in a sense that Pakistan had bowled out 8 South African players in 50 overs only allowing South Africa to score 219 runs, a 100 runs less than their last encounter against the Indians. Supporters also witnessed strategic batting and Improved Pakistani fielding against SA.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

 Pakistan has played most of its matches out of country ever since the tragic attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009. However, doors for International cricket are slowly opening in Pakistan. As for the Pakistan Vs South Africa face off, Pakistan was welcomed with a home crowd of nearly 16,000. At the occasion of which Sarfraz mentioned despite the poor performance against India, Pakistan proved that “there’s always room for improvement” and made a surprising comeback against South Africa. Debutant Fakhar Zaman boosted the gameplay for the lower order batsman to carry on. At a loss of only 3 wickets off 27 overs, Pakistan was at 119 runs. Already 19 runs ahead of South Africa by the DLS method. The game had to be officially called off due to rain, rewarding Pakistan with a well-deserved victory against the South Africans. Although Pakistan faced backlash due to poor fielding against the Indians, Pakistan proved once again defeating South Africans that it could not be underestimated. Fans were delighted with an Improved Pakistani fielding against South Africa

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“That is a feeling we miss, not playing in Pakistan. Maybe that was a difference, the crowd was supporting us and that’s why the players were boosted” – Sarfaraz

What do you think of this secret revealed by Sarfaraz Ahmad about improved Pakistani fielding against South Africa? Do you think the home crowd does leave a huge impact on players?




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