Sarfraz Ahmed Strives For Consistency


Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed believes that consistency is their next big target.

Pakistan’s victory against India proved to be a revival of cricket in Pakistan, moreover, the men in green performed incredibly well. Starting off the tournament ranked number 8th and losing to India, the men in green made an astonishing comeback and emerged as the champions of ICC Champions Trophy at the end of the day. Despite the heroic performance, Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed believes that there’s still a lot for the team to achieve and consistent performance is the pathway. Sarfraz Ahmed quoted:

“Pakistani fans now expect a lot from us after we’ve won the Champions Trophy” he said.

“And we did talk about it while coming back to Pakistan [from England] that we need to bring consistency in the team’s performances. Our next target is to improve further and you will see good results in the future.”

Sarfraz believes that the performance demonstrated by the men in green during the champions Trophy helped pave the path for the revival of International Cricket in Pakistan, Pakistan hasn’t had played international cricket in their country for a long long time, Sarfraz Ahmed quoted:

“I told the international teams to recognise Pakistan after we won the Champions Trophy,” he said. “Pakistan’s loss has been the greatest because we haven’t played in our country in the last nine years. We do play in the UAE but it is a different feeling playing in your country. Teams are playing in England despite a lot of issues there, likewise, they should visit Pakistan too. I hope cricket will soon revive in Pakistan.”

Consistency Without Legendary Players

Sarfraz Ahmed being recently appointed as the test captain believes that with Younis & Misbah gone, it’ll take some time to get going but ultimately things will be better. Sarfraz Ahmed is quite confident about the revival of cricket in Pakistan especially after defeating top teams of the world like England, South Africa, and India.




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