Sanam Jung: The Recent Victim of Body Shaming


Sanam Jung is an amazing actress and has been hosting the HUM TV morning show since a long time. In the past few months, Sanam Jung has put on a lot of weight. This is the reason that people over the social media are constantly making fun of her.

Despite the increase in literacy and the progress of industry, the conventional beauty standards of our people have not changed yet. Even in this modern time, being beautiful in the Pakistani industry has certain ancient standards. Our people think that being beautiful is all about having a slim, skinny, perfect Barbie doll like body along with a perfect and fair skin complexion. On posting a picture of herself as a mother of the newly born baby girl, the people flooded the picture with comments mocking her chubby body.

The Pathetic Comments on Sanam Jung

As Sanam Jung has recently been blessed with a baby girl so; it is obvious for her body to undergo changes in terms of size. The Alvidaa actress, Sanam Jung, has also mentioned this is her show that she is following a strict diet. This shows that she is also conscious of her body size and is concerned about it.

The comments from people that said that she should perform on a stage, or should get a role of the mother in the Punjabi movies etc. were very pathetic. One the other hand, some people were wise enough to judge her on the basis of her talent and said that her weight doesn’t matter at all.

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They also said that the people mocking her should get themselves checked. Sanam Jung is perfect the way she is, the fact that her show is one of the most watched shows in the country is the best evidence of her perfectness.




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