Sahir Lodhi Criticizes a Quiz Participant in His Show Over Quaid-E-Azam remarks


Sahir Lodhi had a go at one of quiz participants when she questioned the services of Jinnah.

Sahir, who has become a top TV personality after moving from radio to TV a few years back, told the participant that it would not be possible to live in a free country (Pakistan) if it wasn’t for Jinnah.

The 49-year old TV host and anchor made these remarks when he was hosting a Ramazan special show on TV. A quiz participant blamed Jinnah for all the troubles but Sahir was quick to counter his argument.

These remarks of the girl were taken lightly by most of the audience, but Sahir Lodhi abruptly asked the audience to stop clapping and started. 

He later started expressing how that how bad he feels when someone blames Quaid-e-Azam or any of our founding father for the current problems in Pakistan.

Then he put forward some examples from history like, how Quaid-E-Azam used to give funds to Dawn newspaper from his pocket so that it can represent the Muslims of sub-continent.

“Muhammad Ali Jinnah funded Dawn because Muslims had no means of print media to express their ideas,” He said aggressively.

After that, he mentioned how Quaid-e-Azam used to avoid spending state’s money after becoming Governor General of Pakistan. Lodhi argued that Pakistanis blame Jinnah for their mistakes. Sahir Lodhi also talked about the possibility of having more regional power if Bangladesh remained the part of Pakistan as its east wing.

He urged the participant girl to answer his questions and told her to avoid giving such remarks about Quaid-E-Azam or any of our ancestors in future because this kind of things will spread more tension in our society, which we cannot afford anymore.

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