Sadiqa Shaheen, An Inspiration For All Of Us


Shaheen, who has a height of 2.7 feet, has still managed to be a software engineer at one of the Pakistan’s most prestigious research organizations since 2008.

Receiving her matriculation from SM Public School and Intermediate from Sir Syed Government Girls College, Sadiqa went to pursue her bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from NED, University of Engineering & Technology in 2007. She now aims to complete her masters & pursue the doctorate. Sadiq Shaheen, a source of inspiration, is undoubtedly a role model for all of us.

Childhood – Shaheen had a fullfilling childhood

Shaheen’s childhood was unlike any others. Fitting in with the rest of the kids seemed difficult for her but she encompassed her disability by being confident in herself & never letting what society thinks let her down. Sadiqa Shaheen, a source of inspiration, is the youngest of her 4 siblings and is the most looked after & loved among the other siblings. As Shaheen grew up, she eventually started accepting her body structure & that her height won’t grow. This is the way the Creator wanted her to be. She was treated no different than her other siblings & faced no trouble of acceptance until she got enrolled in school. Sadia Shaheen, a source of inspiration, recalls her childhood in following words

“People used to stare at me strangely, the children at school made fun of me and sometimes, even teachers had difficulty accepting me as a normal student. It always took time to make friends with people and adjust,”

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Sadiqa Shaheen, a source of inspiration, eventually started making friends after awhile. And as she recalls, she had made some really good friends who are still in connection with her.

Fighting Against All Odds

Sadiqa Shaheen, a source of inspiration, further recalls that her parents were very worried about her & took her to different doctors but nothing happened. She also mentions seeing her mother cry and prays. Ultimately Sadiqa had to accept herself and carry on with her ambitions. And as she did, she had to face reluctance too. She mentions how she didn’t want to go to school some days, and quit schooling. She further mentions that her success is only because of her mother’s prayers and her father’s constant support. Her father had also hired a driver to take care of her & take her to wherever she wants to go.

After her father’s death, she had lost all hope and even decided to quit university but her mother supported her endlessly & encouraged her to pursue her studies. Sadiqa Shaheen, a source of inspiration, also mentions the hurdles she used to face during job interviews. She mentions that companies used to call her for interviews after seeing her incredible performance in academics but overlook her performance after seeing her enter the room.

Sadiqa Shaheen, A Source Of Inspiration

Despite being only 2.7 feet tall, Sadiqa Shaheen has accomplished her life ambitions and is a source of inspiration for all of us especially short-statured people. She believes that parents should always treat their differently-abled kids the same way they treat the rest of their kids. She also believes that parents should encourage them to achieve their aims & life goals. Sadiqa Shaheen furthermore mentions,

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“I want to change the perception about short-statured people. You can still face the world with a big smile and tell the world you are happy the way you are,”

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