Saba Qamar Shares More Information of Qandeel Baloch


The LAHORE SE AGY star Saba Qamar is recently working on a biopic of Qandeel Baloch.  While talking about her feeling and experience about her playing the role of Qandeel Baloch, she reveals more details about Qandeel Baloch in an interview.

Saba Qamar always chooses unique and tricky characters, be it a movie or a play. She is nowadays working in interiors of Punjab and Sindh to play the role of controversial dead social media sensation Qandeel Baloch. Saba said in the interview that she Qandeel Baloch’s role is very close to me and this character is more than just a role in the drama. She said that no one knows that Qandeel Baloch was compelled by the society and her circumstances to reach this level. She added that when I started playing this role, it was just an enjoyment for me but as the time passed by, I thought deeply over Qandeel and I found out that there was no other option left for her.

Saba Qamar Herself Searched for Details of Qandeel Baloch

Saba Qamar said that she has not relied only on the script but has met some people who were close to Qandeel Baloch. Hence she collected some information over the reality of Qandeel Baloch. After this, she met with the Baaghi’s makers and they all mutually contributed to the script. Saba also said:

“It was a demanding character, with its own set of shades. It’s something very new for me as well, Qandeel was not just one person, she was multifaceted. The serial narrates from where she began, how she was with her own people in her village, how she moves to the city, grooms her own self and starts posting videos on Facebook. So there’s constant evolution throughout and I myself am excited to see the final product on screen.”




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