Saba Qamar Accuses Public For The Death of Qandeel Baloch


In an interview, the bold and beautiful Saba Qamar has said about Qandeel Baloch that it is the people who are responsible for her death. Saba Qamar further said that if the people had not made Qandeel Baloch a social media sensation by following her, she would not have made more videos and would not have been killed.

Qandeel Baloch was famous for making extremely bold videos and then putting them on her social media accounts. This was the reason that she got brutally killed last year.  Among all our media stars, Saba Qamar is the most courageous one who recently poured her heart out in Qandeel’s favor. The famous actress from movies like “Lahore Se Agy” and exceptional dramas like “Digest Writer” and “Besharam”, Saba Qamar, said that

“The perception was that Qandeel Baloch made inappropriate videos, but no one knows why she did it… She did it to earn money and support her family. She wasn’t educated but dreamt of becoming famous. She didn’t have any other option to fulfill her dreams apart from taking to social media. She tried to do regular jobs, but wherever she went, she was exploited,”

Qandeel Baloch’s Biopic

Saba Qamar is famous her bold and outspoken nature and this is probably the reason that she has been recently featured in the biopic about Qandeel Baloch. Here, Saba Qamar is playing the role of Qandeel Baloch. Other stars in the biopic include Osman Khalid Butt and Khalid Malik. The first look of the biopic has received a lot of criticism. Saba Qamar, while defending it said, “If they are expecting an entertaining show, they will be disappointed. We are going to showcase the difficulties she faced, not glorify her.”




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