Rishi Kapoor Trolled by Pakistanis on Twitter


After the great triumph, Pakistan achieved in the final match of ICC Champion’s Trophy against India, the Pakistanis all over the social media are mocking Rishi Kapoor and shutting him down as he was very much confident about Pakistan losing.

The first match which Pakistan and India played in Champion’s Trophy 2017 was on June 4th. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost the match and hence there were praises everywhere for the Indian team. These praises probably lead them to be over confident and not only for the team this overconfidence proved fatal, but also it brought a lot of disrespect to Indian Star Rishi Kapoor. When Pakistanis qualified for the finals even then Rishi Kapoor mocked their previous performances and criticized not only the team but also the board. This put Pakistanis on fire and after the great win in finals, Pakistani fans got a golden chance to shut Rishi Kapoor down.

The Tweets Were Hilarious

As Rishi Kapoor was very confident about the India winning the final easily he made fun of Pakistani cricket team by calling them Hockey and Football teams who can do anything but play good cricket. Rishi Kapoor further called our team as kids saying that India will knock you down on father’s day and from that the “BAAP BETA” jokes started and now are all over the twitter. Pakistanis are not behind anyone else in the good sense of humor and hence they are reminding Rishi Kapoor about who the real champions are. The tweets from Pakistanis are Hilarious and everyone is enjoying them. Not only common public but our stars Fahad Mustafa, Aamir Liaquat and Adeel Hashmi are also mocking Rishi Kapoor and our media is also not behind anyone in this scenario.




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