Review Pakistani Film “Maalik” – Don’t Watch It!


I know what you’re thinking. This is a negative review of Pakistani film Maalik. You’ve already read so many positive reviews that you have made up your mind to watch this film and you don’t want a negative review to stop you.

UPDATE: There is more on Ashir Azeem and CORRUPTION that you may want to see before proceeding with this review

Fair enough. You can watch Maalik and then come back to read this review. I’m sure you’d agree to majority of things here.


The first impression that anyone would get is that Pakistani film Maalik can’t be bad. It made Rs 20 million in it’s first week and there are numerous positive reviews. I should watch it.

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What’s so bad about Pakistani film Maalik?

To be honest, you won’t have a clue about the story before the intermission. After the break when you are about to bust out of the cinema out of sheer frustration, the movie finally manages to show some promise. But then there are way too many stories within the main script and director never gets hold of all those stories.

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And if you don’t know this already, the movie shifts from English to local languages after the intermission.

Pakistani film Maalik is directed by Aashir Azim. He is the same guy who gave us one of the best TV serials of 1990s – Dhuwaan. Everyone expected it to be a brilliant movie, just like drama serial Dhuwaan. It turns out to be otherwise.

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Here are my reasons to call Ashir Azeem’s Maalik a ‘bad’ movie.

1- Pakistani film Maalik is way too slow

When you enter the cinema to watch Maalik, you expect something like Dhuwaan. You believe it’s going to be fast-paced action movie. But it’s not that.

You want the actual story to begin but it takes too long. You keep watching stories that give you the impression that they are going to build-up into a strong central story. But it all comes way too late.

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2- Maalik has language problems

Pakistani film Maalik starts in English but then characters start speaking local languages when the movie changes after the interval. You won’t have a clue what’s going on until you know all these languages or want to read subtitles.

The actors are uncomfortable when speaking English throughout the movie. It could’ve been much better if it was in Urdu or local languages from the beginning.

3- Ethnic problems – Pubjabis are heroes and Sindhis are villains

You won’t believe it but all the heroes in the movie are from Punjab while the villains have Sindhi ethnicity. The characters in the movie come from various backgrounds but none of them truly portrays the ethnic diversity of the country.

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4- Men are heroes

Although Maalik have a lot of female actors, it never gives any importance to these characters, leaving all the good work to men only. All the women in the movie are either depressed or oppressed.

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As the movie progresses, you know it’s about the men. They run the show. Women never have anything important to do except being victims.

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Watch Ashir Azeem (Maalik) interviews

A lot of Pakistanis love Ashir Azeem from Dhuwaan. He does a great job with Maalik, considering it was his first film. Here are some of his famous interviews that you might want to watch if you’re a fan of Ashir Azeem or you like Maalik the movie.

Ashir Azeem announcing “Maalik”

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