Ramadan 2017: Important Health Tips for Ramadan


Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. For Muslims, Ramazan (Ramadhan) is a significant part of their lives since The Holy Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is among the 5 pillars of Islam. Ramadan is not just a month of blessings & perseverance, it’s a month of peace & forgiveness.

Ramadan is an opportunity for all Muslims to change their way of lives, turn to the right path and seek forgiveness for their sins from Allah Almighty. You can also improve your health in Ramadan if you truly are willing.

Ramadan 2017 has started in the month of May. Fasting under such hot conditions could be difficult for people who work under the scorching sun. Since in many cities, the temperature has been recorded to exceed more than 40 degrees centigrade. So here are some of the health tips for Ramadan you should consider while fasting to stay cool & relaxed.

Drink lots of Water & Stay Hydrated

A man drinks water as he breaks his fast by the river Buriganga during the holy month of Ramadan.

A man drinks water as he breaks his fast by the river Buriganga during the holy month of Ramadan.

With temperatures recorded to exceed more than 40 degrees centigrade, it’s not difficult to say one can easily fall prey to heat strokes.

To avoid that, make sure you’re hydrated. The very first of health tips for Ramadan is to make sure you’re drinking at least 8 glass of water from “Iftar” to “Seher” to replenish your energy as well as to maintain your body fluids.

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This Ramadan 2017, make sure you get rid of all those fizzy cold drinks you’ve been chugging in the past. Not are they only dangerous but also contain large amounts of sugar that could impose health risks. Substitute fizzy drinks with fresh juices, fruits & vegetables to improve your health in Ramadan

Don’t skip exercise

Make sure you don’t skip exercise this Ramadan. Don’t let The Holy month of Ramadan be an excuse to quit your exercise and stay home the whole day.

Exercising daily can boost your immunity as well as stamina. Trust me, it could prove to be one of the best health tips for Ramadan. If you don’t feel like doing high-intensity workouts, choose an exercise that doesn’t tire you or exhausts you.

Exercises such as walking & yoga can help you de-stress and relax. Moreover, these exercises will keep you fit this Ramadan 2017.

Eat moderately

Yes, we know how heavenly it feels to have food especially after fasting the whole day. But if you want to stay fit, you have to consider what’s good & what’s not for your health in Ramadan.

So don’t go on an all out attack against fried food and Pakoras. Instead, choose a simple yet healthy menu to break your fast with.

Eat fruits & food that is rich in fiber to replenish your energy & strength. After all, that is what Ramadan is about; being simple & thankful.

Make sure you get adequate rest

For adults, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is enough for the body & brain to energize & function effectively. Lack of rest can cause stress & dehydration. And if that’s not enough. It can also induce laziness & drowsiness.

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Adequate sleep can help prevent laziness & drowsiness. Which might not be convenient for you since you have to wake up early for the “Sehr”. Making sure you rest properly during the daytime to avoid dehydration & tiredness could turn out to be amongst the best health tips for Ramadan.

But most important of all, don’t miss your prayers during this month of Ramadan. And try completing the Quran in the span of 30 days. Ramadan is the best way to wash off your sins so make sure you’re benefiting from this holy month and not just wasting your day watching television or surfing internet. You can take liquid or fruits to keep you fresh during Ibadah and out of all the health tips for Ramadan, this one is going to help you a lot in this regard.

May this Ramadan 2017, be a happy & merciful month for all of us and may Allah forgive our sins and accept our fasting. And May Allah give us the courage & strength to not only follow the right path but guide the stranded ones towards Allah too. Ameen.




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