Punjab Nahi Jaungi Vs Na Maloom Afraad 2: Box Office Earnings


Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi hit high records success on International box office.

So there was a huge fuss about the two awesome films that released this Eid ul Adha. First one was Nadeem Baig’s Punjab Nahi Jaungi. It starred three glamorous stars namely Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane. The second one Na Maloom Afraad 2, which also had outstanding actors; Urwa Hocane, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa and Hania Amir, directed by Nabeel Qureshi.

These two hit the records even internationally on box office. The released brought out a healthy rivalry for the film industry. Punjab Nahi Jaungi, according to senior vice president of ARY films, and local distributors of the film, Irfan Malik, this film has earned almost Rs.100 million across Pakistan. And this was only until Tuesday.

He estimated it to be $800,000. Even on the official page on Facebook for this film, they say the film has collected 215 million overall. This not only includes domestic but international earnings as well.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that the figures of Na Maloom Afraad 2, starring Urwa Hocane, were around Rs.100 million. Though one from Urdu1, local distributors of the film was available to comment the official box office figures. Irfan Malik told The Express Tribune,

“Tuesday was the test and Punjab Nahi Jaungi passed with flying colors. It has done phenomenal in Punjab and great in Karachi and elsewhere.”

Na Maloom Afraad 2 And Punjab Nahi Jaungi: Distributors’ Talk

Na Maloom Afraad 2

According to the estimations, the film is still playing in cinemas across the country even the now that the Eid shenanigans are over. Khorem Gultasab, super cinemas general manager, confirmed PNJ having a phenomenal run in Punjab.

Tuesday was the litmus test for the two films. We had an average of 99% to 100% occupancy for PNJ until Tuesday. All PNJ shows were full and sold out, while NMA2 had 99% occupancy on shows after 7pm. he said.

Nadeem Mandviwalla, Atrium Cinemas managing director in Karachi, said both the films were doing excellent.

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We are having 95% occupancy in all shows after 11 am.

Another shocking but good news is that PNJ has beaten Bollywood film ‘Badshaho’ in UK box office. Mehwish Hayat’s refusal to go to Punjab has intrigued the bigger province. The following week will be crucial in deciding which film is going to win the marathon. Since both the films have said to collect Rs100 million, it is very likely that distributors may have exaggerated the figures. Whatsoever, both the films are doing excellent progress and exceeding well.




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